How to walk like a model – Before and After – Elite Model Look Finalist Nadine Keller

Next topmodel Nadine (15) preparing for Elite Model Look Contest in Switzerland


Pepsi bleach says:

Rolls like a potato am I doing it

Celestia Martinez says:

Better than Kendall

mehdi omar says:

Cotche mode

Chyna Barnes says:


Veronica Lee says:

The girl is 15 ?! Are u kidding me ? She looks like 20 and more !!

Abi Roy says:

wow …nice

fantakuning says:

rip headphone users

shboo na says:

she is a child WTF

Anna Syeda says:

I m 35 kg , 15 yrs old and 5’4

Lois Parr says:

your not meant to have your hands on your hips unless the designer of the clothes you are showing off asks you to, this video dose not tell you how to walk like a model, it just shows a girl walking up and down?

Rangga Erlang says:


sadgirl says:

i’m 13 and people tell me that i have the body type to be a model and I’ve been thinking about it but I’m 13 and ONLY 5’2.


Susan marant says:

wheres the after?

i am earl says:

u need to change the title

Jimin's wife13 says:

I was doing modelling and they told me not to walk with my hands on my hips -_-

louis cyfer says:

horrible walking

killala2012 says:

I thought this was a how to video…

89 Highheels says:


Rizwan Khan says:

best walk ever…. really awesome… 🙂

MissHorangi says:

Her posing is so awkward omg

Blessed Queen! says:

what is this now?

LivelysReport says:

excellent strut.. nice bounce, I could watch you strut all day long.. and it commands my attention.. well done…

Ellz and bradderz says:

Everyone says that I should model because I’m tall and skinny and look pretty with makeup. I used to model and having a body like the woman in the video is what you have to have. So if anyone hates on her, she’s a model and that’s what they have to look like.

Catherine Villamor says:

hi I’m looking who help me I want to be come model

الممثلة كاثرينا says:

Je suis une jeune fille de 22 ans belle et je souhaite proposer mes services pour être modèle, photo et les kaftans maquillage et les films et les series et tous ……. mon numero 0621188208 MERCI

Allen Yang says:

I’m a guy I think the way she walks is a little uncomfortable

Kemo Fredah Tshukudu says:

Wow… i really like the walk eish…so inspiring.

TastedGlory says:

How do they do this?

Eve Pamba says:

Hello. Very beautiful video. I posted a video on this subject. You can see it on my Youtube channel

Jacqueline Holts says:

that’s a good walk for a local fashion shows and trade shows and hair shows

Roumy Mimy says:

well if i had her body it would be a lot easier just saying 

Alina king says:

its says HOW to walk like a model but your just showing us your not teaching like what to do when you walk so….

Ekta Halder says:

I didn’t understand how to walk

Stereo freak says:

Before: the normal walk
After: the “Over the top” confident stride

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