How To Look Good In Photos – My Tips as a Model | Cassandra Bankson

Here are a few tips I’ve learned from modeling that will help you look good in photos!! Tweet me your pics and poses. CHECK OUT MY LIMITED EDITION CLOTHING LINE!!!
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sexy kartoffelporno says:

what a long neck wtf

Vilena Alimuradova says:

“But I dont have a contour today, because guys – I am gorgeous anyway”

Dr Pein says:

have shiny face?? hahahaha racist! only white can be shiny!

Marc Brink says:

This video in a nutshell:

hate yourself a little more
Deny your body shape
Become a visual illusion

Liz says:

the whole weight tho g was not in good taste. that could have been said in a more professional way…

ItsEmzilla says:

jelly of her lips

Lauren Lim says:

oh good I just need to look prettier by losing weight THANKS

Saxa-san says:

“how to look good in photos”
“lose weight”
bitch wheh?
If you want to look nice in a photo, be genuine. You don’t have to be a model to look nice in a Facebook profile picture or some shit XD do you cause you de best.

Lacey Womack says:

trash like this is why you’re irrelevant lmao

Alexandra Sasa H. Anderson says:

Could you make a video with poses infront of a camera.//Thanks

MJ Pblte says:

yes thats easy to say BS!

ronniesreds says:

Give us a tip and shut up plz

charles bartlet says:

Bicth ass fake

Sarah Jasmine M says:

Inner beauty shining through. Thanks for this video

Que Carter says:

her eyebrows bug me

Android Gaming says:

who come here from a two vagina..?

Onion is Love says:

How to look good in pictures (Tips that actually works) :

1 – Stand in front of the Camera
2 – Feel confident about yourself
3 – Smile

You don’t need anything else to be beautiful. 😉

Zigo8 says:

Very nice tips! Look good in every shots by learning these simple tips.

MooMoo Squiggles says:

ofcourse you’re going to look better in a photo if you’re skinny. This girl is just trying to tell how you how you’ll look your best. she said lose a couple of pounds if you feel like you need to not “lose weight and become anorexic”. If you look better, you feel better. I’m curvy and I love it so to all the people complaining, need to get over themselves.

julia strommen says:

I love your videos !!!

Georgia Thomson says:

1:23 over and over and over

Friida says:

“lose weight” Bitch please, the last thing to tell a girl is to lose weight, as a big girl myself I can tell you that you dont have to be fit to look good in photos.

Moa Ranmo says:

this is stupid. how to really look good in photos: be yourself and don’t listen to this video.

Katie S says:


lovie says:

Cute earrings!

Shaune Frost says:

“the glory shot”….

Adrianne F says:

There are plenty of plus size models who look amazing, if you want to lose weight for health reasons then that’s great but telling someone they need to be thin to look good in photos just isn’t true. Some people only find skinny people attractive, but some like bigger ones.

Roselle Sumergido says:

why are there so many hate? she is trying to help us

Miss JWK says:

One needs to lose weight, I was so huge and the minute I lost weight my pics came out MUCH BETTER whether I took them or they were taken by someone else! Thanks Cass for the info for others!

Cf Cf says:

The fuck?
This isn’t very helpful
You’re just making people feel bad with their bodies
Fuck off

Salvi218 says:

“Lose weight.” hahaha

Zen Asis says:

LOL 1:23

maximum96 says:

Does those tips work for males too?

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