How To Look Good In Every Picture| Model Tips


Hi loves,
Hope your weekend is going well!
Was excited to create this video for you to answer some of your questions about looking good on camera! There’s so many more tips and tricks Ive learned but didn’t want to overwhelm you, baby steps.

Above all its ALL about confidence. OWN your beauty!
Let me know if any of these worked for you!!

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please don't sleep on DAY SIX! says:

She’s already married? Omg no shade though! I was just shocked!!

Adlyn chautze says:

You’re so beautiful and i love your tips ❤

TuttiFruttiMarmelade says:

I love your videos and these tips are very helpful! But when you think about it, it‘s really scary to see how fake this Instagram world is…

Sara Cheema says:

plz brush your hairs first


you are so classy!!!! love it! thanks for the video!

Katherine Tran says:

I love your nose sm omg

MakeupSubscriber says:

Step One: Be photogenic

MadGal says:

This helped ( I hope) I did a photoshoot tofay and I sucked the place up lol

Madhur Bhalkar says:

Valeria you are so cute !!! And your tips are amazing

marti s says:

Someone is calling you *pose* hahahahaha lol

Lmao Idek says:

Her: saves cute posts on instagram
Me: saves memes

Ttsg Nishii says:

How husbands take pictures for wives….exactly same here! I prepare everything and let my husband just press the button! Mission done! Lol

Wareesha Zafar says:


Summer Bailey says:

OMG she is so pretty how tf

Gabrielle the unicorn Oneal says:


projectbetty says:

You are so enjoyable to listen to, thanks for the tips. x

Carina Oliveira says:

The very last part about getting your husband/boyfriend to take good photos, was KILLER! I’m laughing so hard right now because mine likes to pretend he’s this amazing photographer and will get down on one knee, or try from another angle, and they all end up so awkward. I’ll remember your tip for next time XD….. just point and shoot! Don’t breathe!

Sabrina Bloode says:

You look so beautiful without make-up I’m jealous ☹️

Sebine İdrisova says:

Beauty ❤

Ági Fekete says:

lmao i love you so much

Cecilia_Moment ZH says:

Happy wife,happy life !!!!!! brilliant

모찌모찌솜뭉치 says:


Dominique Humbe says:

“he is not even allowed to move an inch (period)” #relateaf hahahaha

kaelyn xD says:

idk what’s wrong with me oop. irl i look fine but in pictures my face looks so asymmetrical… like one side of my face is rounder than the other and one eyebrow is higher on camera. i overall look awful on camera and it’s my biggest insecurity

Katrina Doerr says:

Hahahah my mom is NEVER aloud to breath or move when taking a photo of me hahahaha but even then. I’ll prepare the frame for her and she’ll take it and it will somehow end up down on my feet

Yen Vu says:

Dont remember how many times i have watched this video.. this is the 1st video that brought me to ur channel and become ur big fan! Practice all of ur tips and they work amazingly well, Valeria! ❤️❤️

Nayeema Hoque says:

I am a good model

Summer Bailey says:

I’m ugly I don’t take pictures

URHO TM says:

I wish there are more fun models like you.

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