How A Model Scout Looks For Models

If you want to be a model, you either go freelance and pitch yourself to clients… or you hope to be spotted by a Model Scout at an agency.

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How does a model scout find models? How do models start a career in the modelling industry and what’s the secret?

Freelance modelling is becoming more and more popular. It can result in an amazing job, working with incredible creative teams, travelling the world and earning a very good living. If you would like to learn more about modelling and have our team review your images:

There are so many beautiful men and women out there, that it can be hard to choose who has the “look”. Models are found everywhere you can imagine. Outside of clothing departments, at festivals, even walking on the streets.

The Freelancer Club talks to Professional Model Scout Laura about her job and the task of finding Models, as well as any advice for aspiring models to grab her attention!

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BloodyInspiring says:

Do they really open all those Snapchat’s or nah lol

Bella Williams says:

I wish I was a model ah x

Harry Lumbao says:

I have a questione are asian deserve to be part in model industry in europe.

Esme Rotella says:

is she in a swimming cap

fantaesizes says:

I’ve been scouted when I was younger and I regret declining ;/

Silver Pony says:

When I was 9, so almost 6 years ago, I was at a mall with my family and a model scout came up to me and invited me to one of their agency’s events. I never went, because at the time I hadn’t even put a thought into that type of thing. Numerous people have told me that I should be a model, but I just kinda laughed it off :D. But now I’m kinda thinking about doing something small but idk…

littlespiritiual wanderer says:

I’m 5’7 and really skinny.. But i have a chubby face.. Can i be a model?

Eulla Rodriguez says:

I remembered I was scouted by a modelling agent when I was 14 in Omegle lmao. It was really odd at first because she’s like, OMG, you’re beautiful! And then bam, she said something about getting me as a model and she has to like look at my figure in the webcam. It was so awkward because I had to walk, and I had to show her my bra (she told me to), and then she asked me how tall I am and all that. She said that when I agree to be scouted, my first salary would be 2500 USD which isn’t really that bad. But sadly I turned it down because my mom didn’t allow me to and she doesn’t know I was in Omegle lol. But somehow, I wish I had taken the risk of agreeing then maybe my life would have been different.

Emily Collins says:

I think I look at least decent to be a model… Lol. But I’m only 13 and their are so many other prettier girls out their 🙁

Blow' The Whistle says:

I would love to give modeling a try everybody tell me I should..

Marianne Alaman says:

I wanna be a model but I’m a potato

fanelo hlophe says:

Hi i am researching on how to become a model scout and all i get is modeling tips. I write this now hoping to get more valuable information on the field, i would like to know what to study and what to know before hand (i am studying architecture in Cyprus my first year) i have a cousine who i convinced to model now i feel i can do it for others.

Esme Rotella says:

omg kate bush????

newmabreu96 says:

im 6’5 tall could you please see my facebook? im ok to be a model or im ugly?

Paulina Pavicic says:

I am 14 and my friends say i should be model but i am 5’6. Can i be model?

Sahana Gopalan says:

I am in a model company and I am also on the track to be an actor. My dad is from India and my mom is from here. My brother and I are from U.S.A too. And I wanted to be a model for 2 weeks and I asked my mom. Next thing I know is I am going for auditions. I made it in the model team! Next I have to try out for acting. The company has photoshoots, acting room, makeup room, and all that jazz. Next week I will be in a photoshoot! Every girl has a unqiue face and that is how I got selected. Also if you want to try out for modeling, what I did was to be myslef and be nice to everyone. Thats my story

loupiotte says:

it’s all cool until they ask me for pic without makeup lol i have really bad dark circles

United International Corporation says:

Hey I am from Dubai but I want to be a model but the only problem is that I can’t show my belly and legs because I feel uncomfortable to wear that kind of clothes can I be a model?would you like to guide something about it! ♥️

oh no says:

I always wanted to be a model my friend and neice were both asked to work for them and I was with them but I left to the bathroom both times and missed my opportunities 🙁

Rosie Cakes says:

ive got good eyes lips and hair but i dont like natural pics of me bc ive got acne

Crystal7735 says:

hi! i am 6’0.5 tall and i’ve always really wanted to model but i have not had any experience in modeling! do you think it could hold me back? and if/when i want to start sending in pictures to websites do they have to be professional pictures or can they just be taken by family or friends? which would a model scout really prefer? because i mean i think i’m tall enough to model and i’m pretty confident in myself i’m just worried that i haven’t had any experience! thanks!

Esme Rotella says:

mmmmmm (kate bush) 😉

alex says:

i wanna be a model but im not very pretty, or good at posing, or tall, and i definitely dont have any unique features. guess im out of luck

Anshinee Mandhub says:

I want to model but im only 13

Gold acire says:

are stretch marks a problem? im 5’8 and 51 kg and was scouted by a designer and asked to walk in her show and ive always wanted to do modeling but have had skin issues that are currently getting better but i have few light stretch marks and im wondering if thatll affect my chances of getting signed. the designer was a high fashion designer who works with top supermodels but no one saw my stretch marks.

Mega Magic7 says:

Where’s my ugly people squad at?

Forevss_ ArtiCool says:

what age do u have to be?

GenevaKitten says:

When I was 8 I was asked to be a model. A scout confronted me in the IHOP restroom. Of course I said no, because I quite liked being a normal young girl at the time. As of now, at thirteen years old, I still don’t regret my decision. Modeling is a disgusting and dirty world to involve yourself in. You can’t make a lot of your own decisions.

Dan 2016 says:

You don’t need to a beautiful to be a model. You just have to have something to offer that is different and look good in front of the camera. A model could have scars, a rather unusual large jaw structure, a differently shaped nose, or lips, but it’s these kind of features that add to the uniqueness of a models face. It’s these kind of characteristics that agents and the industry will use to label that model. Can we book that model with that amazing scar on her left cheek. All models are different and the industry looks for all types. Some famous brands like to use the freaky or geeky type of models for their campaigns. I’m a portrait photographer.

Laura Hamilton says:

I would model, except I like food too much and have too much acne lol

Sophia and Valerie says:

I’m going to a modeling camp and I’m excited

Katerina Zvg says:

What if a model has a bose bump?

Mariah says:

model scouts are the creepiest people. I got scouted once, but I didn’t believe they were really model scouts. the people who get scouted on the street have some major TRUST they they wont get raped and murdered.

Nely Nely says:

Lindsay Lohan IS THAT YOU??!

Chiara Reisacher says:

The fact that I’m 5’2 and I’m 15 years old ruins my plans but hey, if you want a small person don’t look any further

OkayLilxy says:

I really want to be a model like yeah im tall and skinny and most people say im really pretty naturally
But i dont think its quite realistic and theres a 20% chance if would happen

Olivia Macdonald says:

I’ve been told once or twice that I could model but I’m really self conscious about my skin. I get very minor breakouts but I don’t like wearing no makeup. Also I’m 5’7 and still growing. Any tips for confidence?

alexandra coger says:

Lily Rose Depp is 4’3 everyone

Baly Mahmud says:


Tide Pods says:

Im 5’9.5 and i get asked if im a model alot… Should i look into it?

Margarette says:

i want to be a supermodel but i am an asian, we are the minority…

Hannah Watson says:

people have told me to become a model as I’m 5’10 and still growing but I live in a small country where it’s hard to be scouted

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