Her Modeling Agency Dumped Her, So She Drops the Truth on Them: Charli Howard

To meet fashion’s inhumane beauty norms, London model Charli Howard went on a draconian diet. When her agency fired her, Charli told them to eff off via a viral Facebook post. Now, the Brit tells girls everywhere: “Beauty isn’t measured by a number.”

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helluicki says:

Wish girls had bigger dreams than being models.

Briana V says:

Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine Leimberg says:


ZyZi S says:

Soooo basically she’s assuming that all plus size girls shouldn’t be confident and should get their bodies enough to not want to show their bodies on the beach… Disgusting.

Olivia Martin says:

She is SO beautiful!

LaLilo says:

her skin is so beautiful and omg her personality seems actually so down on earth

Allie Moore says:

I’ve found a kindred spirit! Everything she said about her self image I have felt about my own. Wow, that got real. And to top it off, I would totally wear her outfit. I could probably put it together from stuff I already own. ❤❤❤

Baby Sky926 says:

So what was the purpose of this?

Anya Montrose says:

love her

el xero says:

love her eye brows

Maria Ch says:

Dose ANYONE know where can i get her Jacket or a Jacket like this one

why is she on her phone all the time though? says:

people crawl up to one of the most capitalistic industries overall and then expect to be treated nice and earn alot. looking good it’s not a talent, there will always be someone better, youre gonna be replaced because you do nothing besides being pleasing to the eye. stop being unrealistic guys.

eric4758 says:

“Models Ranting on Youtube”

sandie lindemeyer says:

You’re so beautiful and perfect! How horrible that that agency needed more…that’s just SICK!

Katerina B says:

Her skin is beautiful! Like she bathed in red roses and champagne <3

Mythinkingbox says:

Very good video. Thank you for sharing.

SilentFox says:

Why do they undress while talking on this channel?

Lauren Ablondi says:

her eyebrows are actually goals

PirateTHESteam1 says:

british accents are the best

yourbasicgaysian says:

This was so refreshing, however it would be good to see male body dysmorphia being represented here, so many boys including myself have body image issues and are searching for someone to look up to.

Amalie Sofia Vestergaard-laustsen says:

Wao. She’s me

Marisol Molina says:

It’s so difficult to get out of that toxic mindset of body dysmorphia etc so it pisses me off that agency are like this. One thing is to want a fit girl and another is to want a starved girl. I hope everything is going well for her. She is beautiful.

Descry says:

I can relate to this so much its scaring me

crexte says:

she’s so inspiring

Christelle Bilodeau Portrait Artist says:

She looks so much like Israeli actress Hadas Yaron !! So pretty

Wh0opsidaisies says:

her coat is gorgeous

Joanna Vivero says:

Damn, her past agency fucked up big time. Look at the jewel they left behind, idiots lol.

Natálka Tošková says:

she’s so pretty

IonIsFalling7217 says:

How on earth is she not thin or beautiful enough!?!?

Carly Richley says:

she is self-conscious because she isn’t curvy. curvy girls are self conscious because they are…??

Emily says:

I’m 5′ and 184lbs so please tell me how she is fat

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