Guy’s Beauty Pageant Training Disaster

Mike & Alex go head to head in a beauty pageant, Kevin tries to grow a beard, and Chase & Colin recreate Jack Black’s face with candy!

Watch the Unbelievable Beauty Pageants episode:
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Watch the Calorie Countdown episode:

Special Thanks to Tara for training Mike & Alex to be beautiful 👸

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Executive Producer: Stevie Wynne Levine
Producer: Alexander Punch
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Tara as herself
Writer/Producer: Kevin Kostelnik
Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
Art Director: Colin Morris

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Drew Anderson says:

1000th comment

Debra John says:

I lost it at rambunctious xD

Aidan Rice says:

a couple of three things lol

Cea says:

Since I have no new main GMM episodes to watch, I’m binge-watching GMC and I love it now.

Thad Willoughby says:

I think he lost his mind

courtbug099 says:

Mike & Alex are such freaks oh my gob XD

V Fowler says:

You go Alex! University of Michigan is where it’s at

Ryley Burket says:


SuperBPro says:

The state of the county is now “Oh, yikes…”.

efcpepperjack says:

what…..was…..that?….mike…. was that a stroke? lmao

RaedwulfGamer says:

“A couple three things you might not know about me”

Ink sans says:

Besides Rhett and link what’s your favorite duo in the gmc

Paige Stars says:

The lady doing the pageant lessons is taking this way too seriously…

Tord The Smol says:


zhaneranger says:

That was the most amazing interpretive dance ever

Laura Schmidt says:

Can I just say I`ve never seen candy head making done so badass.

Ethan Andrews says:

Anybody else laugh uncontrollably at Mikes interpretive dance?

Alex Toy says:

They are both from Michigan maybe that’s why I find mike and Alex so funny

Zela Morre says:

Beauty pageants would be way more entertaining if the contestants answered like Mike and Alex did.

tintinismybelgian says:

So much echo.

Eclipse kit says:

All of them need their own YouTube channel or TV show…

Hailey Cameron says:

That woman has no sense of humor


He’s standing taller ; translation ~ you’re a fat nasty ginger so literally anyone would do better than you in a contest of beauty

Terence Kuan says:

kevin looks like pewdiepie with the beard

Taylie Peterson says:

1:28 make a meeme out of that

jEsS tHe MeSs says:

Kevin is very triggered…

Lydia Albaugh says:

When Alex says, “a couple of three things you don’t know about me.” lmao

Abigayle Drake says:

mikes smile is so evil

Raven Dusk says:

i love how judging the girl is when Alex and Mike are intruding themselves and their hobbies. i dunno about yall but I would totally vote for a beauty pageant contestant if they did sorcery .

Raven Night says:

Eyyyy Michigan

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