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A BLOGGER who suffered with body dysmorphia as a size 10 is now a size 16 and pursuing a career as a plus-size model. From a young age, Danica Marjanovic, now 24, battled with body dysmorphia. In her late teens the body positivity blogger lost a considerable amount of weight, documenting her diet tips on social media, but never felt happy about her slim figure. But after a difficult break up, Danica from Belfast, was motivated to start her life on a new journey of body positivity, self acceptance and self love, and rather than be overwhelmed by her insecurities, Danica embraced them by thrusting them into the spotlight via her blog. Now, Danica is taking the next step into accepting her new body, by entering a plus-size modelling competition.

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Debbie Parzych says:

My dear did CD mg hee

Daniel Roy says:

What about me a body confidence, OMGFG!!!! You ignorent mutherfuckers.

Count Floyds Chiller Horror Theatre 3000 says:

Umm if you enter a modeling contest, Even if you are a Fat Slop, you don’t have a Body Inferiority Complex, But you might need to get one.

Lacey Southwick says:

Being overweight is not healthy.

Mara Alb says:

That little attention w… isn’t fooling anyone. The pozitive comments she is getting are from other fat women or pervs with a particular fetish because no sane person could pretend she looks good or healthy when she isn;t even curvy but damn straight obese.

Aly Cipherx says:

Have fun with heart disease girl

镜云和 says:

Stomach muscle is supposed to be tight but not fat hanging!

E B says:

When all of these “plus size body positive role models” turn 50-60 I’m sure they’ll feel great with their diabetes/cancer/heart disease/stroke they work really hard to develop through their poor diet. Being overweight will cause you to die earlier and have a chronic illness later on in life, and it is not empowering for women to watch sexualized obese women, it empowers men who have an attraction for a female body with an excessive body fat. I don’t support very skinny models being promoted as the ideal body type either. Women would feel better about their bodies when they’d see it as an amazing machine that should be nourished well and taken care off, rather than a status symbol or an object to attract men. And if anything should be promoted as ideal, is healthy weight, no plastic surgery, strong, fit bodies of every height and shape.

Phillip Wesley says:


jordy pat says:

it’s all beautiful until it starts affecting your health. healthy at all sizes isn’t true, and facts dont care about your feelings.

Stanley Chaney says:

White Ghetto Films Presents..

Big Fat Cream Pie Vol. 17

Dodgy Bishop says:

First off, she was never slim, secondly, only fat people engage in “body positivity” crap, because they can’t be arsed to do anything about it and rather have society change their view of fatties than actually getting off their bum and work it off like everyone else.

Warriors'nAll says:

I completely understand what she’s going through, and yeah, body positivity is great, but… Being ‘fat’ or ‘overweight’ isn’t healthy, in fact it can lead to many problems, so I hope anyone in similar situations to her also try and take care of themselves through exercise etc. People who are healthy already, however, and see her as a inspiration almost- first learn to be happy with how you look already, just as she did when she got larger. Don’t try and put on too much weight like that. It’s best to stay slim than fat, and by slim, I don’t mean near anorexic. Just healthy.

BellaMetallicA says:

Um, no. Sorry, but fat rolls, cellulite and stretch marks are not attractive. That’s why the vast majority of women want to get rid of all of it. Including myself.

Katherine Diaz says:

Wow its crazy what obesity can do to someone, she looks 20 years older then what she did before she gained all that weight. Now she looks like a 40 year old women and I’m sure she feels like shes 50 because of all the weight shes putting on her joints. And I sincerely do Not find being fat appealing at all but thats just my opinion. Peoples excuse to Not do what they have to do as far as their health concerns.

mr k reporting says:

To all of you guys saying she is beautiful and motivating her you guys will be to blame when she dies due to weight problems…just tell her the truth she needs to lose weight and take care of her health..the truth hurts but oh well it’s the truth

Emily Hunter says:

She’s very beautiful!

celest golden says:

Stop normalizing obesity

Kerro Kiriyama says:

I wanna hit that so badly lol

Jody D says:

she looked so muuuuuch better back then!

Elizabeth x says:

Aww she is beautiful – everyone is

Louis_therapy_101 Help says:

Same same

Hugh G Wrection says:

Can someone translate this from walrus to english?

Raven Gomez says:

This is really gross and shameful…

Colonist7 says:

I mean I’m all for body positivity but at the same time you should still work out and strive to reach the appropriate weight relative to your height

Smith A says:

She’s talking about respect from others while she’s twerking that’s ironic

Elsa Bauer says:

im sorry but she did look at her healthiest when she lost a bit of weight, obviously she had an unhealthy lifestyle but idk if gaining all the weight back must have been the key to body confidence.

Justin Tremblay says:

Wow the culture of eating yourself to death and thinking you are biautiful

Lidia Martinez says:


Marija C. says:

Grozna si

tertertr tetrete says:

Except that you’re not beautiful if you’re obese and exhibiting self destructive behaviour. Promoting obesity is exactly the same as promoting anorexia.

Phillip Loco says:

These Ladies make my sausage Rock Hard


I wish that I can loose weight because I want to wear size 16 jeans

Dr_Dazed says:

Trading mental health for physical health amazing. Because promoting that you can’t be healthy and happy at the same time is such a help to a society already filled with fatties.

tony wilson says:

I think your beautiful, and sexy as hell!  Are you seeing anyone right now?

ItsmeReiRei says:

I wanna see a fat man do this

istal pons says:


Colleen says:

theres maaaaaany males that LOVE the combination of INSECURITY & OBESITY….your message is what?
im unhealthy emotionally & phychologically and i accept it?
Get help sweetheart ..NEVER permit yourself to “SETTLE” just because theres SICK oppritunists that’ll be more than happy to EXPLOIT ypu…im sorry i do NOT partner up with any of this
IF you genuinely loved yourself youd NEVER #1 ACCEPT your obsecity
OR allow people to EXPLOIT you
good luck..i think your blog would bless alot more people IF your story was about VICTORY & not COMPLACENCY

Michael Bryant says:


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