[FRAMED] Holly Parker – Fashion, Swimwear, and Beauty model and photographer!

Holly Parker is one talented and amazing human being. She was focusing on re-touching photos and modeling prior to picking up a camera. When we met up with her in Miami back in 2014, she had only really been taking photos for 6 months!
Holly met up with her friend Amy Scott for an amazing photoshoot on the beach and in the water.
Holly has a very unique perspective as she is more than just “IN” the Photography and Modeling industry.


gurudeclan says:

Love Framed

Carlos Cabezas says:

What a talent!!!!! Beautiful Model, Awesome Photographer, Song Writer!!! Holly P. you are the best!!!! wish you the best always!!!

AshtonPhoto says:

Ok, so what I had to do was scroll down and just listen to the audio.
For some reason I watched it once and did not hear a word she said.

Matan Eshel says:

She is very interesting, but the editing of this video is rather horrible.

here are a few of the gripes i have about the editing
1) The music for the first 2 songs is way off beat from the “vibe” of the photographer, it just feels like they threw in something with a beat even though that beat doesn’t exist in the video itself, more soothing/sexy music would have done wonders.
2) A large chunk that music is overlaid a big amount of the dialog which is then very hard to hear
3) The transitions and effects between scenes were bad particularly the fades out feels really bad.

Luis Ruiz says:

stop taking vacations, miss the show

gurudeclan says:

Hope Melissa does a show again soon

Photography In A Click says:

So happy Framed is back . Looking forward to the whole series. Will the film series also make an appearance ?

Learning to Light says:

I’m glad Framed is back. But please do some videos of photographers who take pictures of real people. Photographers who exclusively photograph fashion models have it kinda easy. I’d like to you feature more creative/conceptual photographers, corporate/commercial photographers, etc.


Less is more, take it easy on the editing (video content) and the music. It is really horrible ..
And, where are the end results?

fallyhag says:

I like her portfolio and she seems a nice person. Yet I find myself holding back after yet another super gorgeous model gets a free advert. It just feels lazy from the Framed producers. Go out and find normality. The cleaner, painter or labourer struggling to break through. This is a good video and she has talent but it is so hard to relate to in the real world of strugglesville.

moxsum says:

Sweet girl! Great work! Interesting seeing things from a model turned photographers perspective.

Lala Mabaso says:

I’ve bee a fan of hers since seeing her working with John Schell when he was framed

gurudeclan says:

Dude was definitely interested lol

Namour Filho says:

Simple and very well done. Beautiful.

Chris O'Connor says:

I love interviews with photographers and appreciate the video, but holy hell that music. Around 6:00 it’s almost comedic with synth horn hits while she’s talking.

Farseer_410 says:

I didn’t realize Framed was back. I’ve missed this show.

ddnn3 says:

Good stuff. And she still shoots on a 5dc! I miss I mine

Tavis Gordon says:

Matt & Marcus? I think she meant Mert & Marcus


nice to see you guys back producing more clips

Photography In A Click says:

Is Melissa still with the show ?

Josh Rios says:

Im kind of the opposite of her.. I started photography a year ago, retouching 6 months ago and now I want a career in retouching but doing both at the moment.. Critique my stuff on my instagram! @joshuadavidrios

Croo ookie says:

this show is weird.

steven rankine says:

I am so jealous , you have the best vibe with your model. You , i think will go far in this field . I hope to see you on top ! Peace lovely one.

Muyiwa Mayor says:

amazing amazing images
love them

Gromov Photography says:

Amazing work and talent!
Similar path to Mr. Shabang 😉
(Peter Hurley)

A.Lucio Silva says:

Does anyone know this song at 6:00?

Caio d'Lima says:

it’s good. but i know you guys can do it better =)

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