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GUERO Sérèle says:

You are Da Best

cameron gill says:

Why this got 80 dislikes

swooshbabytv says:

360 go crazy every time keep up the good work sir
you killing em

Johnathan Delouis says:


StillShiningTV says:


juan araujo says:


Lala Loepsie says:

Where is the beard?

Mahir M says:

Kid looks like Dash from the incredibles

Young Cobra says:

This dude could pull any bitch if he wanted to whit that cool ass haircut

Jhardwork Pays off says:

Fuck mcgregor 50-0

Hen Mate says:

Kid looks like a young Donald Trump, lol.

BangBang says:

360 jeezy is the TRUTH!!!


Nice cut 360jezzy! Respect

Lil Crazy 6lue LOC says:

I would have to say this is the Fresh’s white kid Jeezy has done.

Crabby Patty102 says:

It’s a white boy!

ActiveVisualX 不是 says:

nigga looking like dash from incredibles

Jomarie Cuenco says:

What hairstyling product you use before blowdrying?

alec y says:

Love It

Jama Brown says:

Love that you’re putting your tools on the videos now! Keep that up!

Joe Bidden says:

Lips redder than paint

Eric McFarland says:

Lil baby Donald Trump lookin ass

Iskandar Shah says:

Also known as the nazi youth haircut

Samuel Gabarri says:

tf is wrong with this kid’s lips ??? he keeps biting his lips !!! His shits is red !!! looks like he just dry-shaved !!! o_o

Great haircut tho

Dutchalino says:

Dope work my guy. Been watching you since the early days. Appreciate what you and Tomb45 squad give to the game.

Matrix Man says:

Kids looking fresh!

Big Guap says:

That kid did not want to keep his head up

BBA boy says:

u racist bro ?


He went from “Eh idk if I could beat maywheather” to “I’m bout to whoop this nigga ass”

sisco2da says:

video starts at 2:41

Christos Soteriou says:

The racism coming from both black and white people in the comments is disgusting. He’s a child for God’s sake. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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