Cerebral Palsy Won’t Stop Me From Modelling | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

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A YOUNG WOMAN with cerebral palsy is promoting inclusivity within the fashion industry. Autumn Kinkade may have been born with cerebral palsy, rendering her to use a walker, but she was also born with a sense of adventure that has enabled her to model all over the country. The 18-year-old from Adair, Oklahoma, believes the fashion world should feature more disabled models to give other people with different challenges a try.

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Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made says:

My brother has cp, but he can walk but with a limp,has a mind of a young child,cant read or write too much, but he does work and rides his bike and oddly enough can remember numbers from yearsss ago lol its AMAZING!

fafou far says:

She looks just like her mom when she was young

soh s says:

She’s so pretty & such a vibrant personality

Stephanie Martinez says:

I have mild case of cerebral palsy and I am in NJROTC and I want to join the national guard and it hurts when people call me slow or tells me I shouldn’t be in the normal classes but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming

Niya’S World says:

You’re So Beautiful

Potato2840 Ali says:

5:41 thoes earings tho

ElsaX Anna says:

Am I the only one who immediately thought of Melody Brooks from _Out of My Mind_ ?

GabrielleLily says:

She is actually really pretty!

Sammy Ariel says:

Diversity includes disability, I wish more people understood that. I loved that her mum explained that cerebral palsy causes fatigue & takes so much more effort to move than an able-bodied person. I am happy to see the spotlight being shone on disabled models, she seems like a lovely woman.

MsMichelle026 says:

She’s so pretty inside and out

Lisa Lewis says:

Love Autumn so much…I’ve been blessed to watch her grow into the beautiful and talented young lady she has become!

A'Jonay Hawkins says:

She is very pretty anyway

Pei Ben says:

She is cute and she is confident

Lolo k says:

yeah well seems like every body is modeling these days !

Mr. license plate says:

who else wanted to see the photography pictures?

Ghost 20067 says:

She is really inspiring

AmyReeper says:

My god she is so adorable and beautiful

Romance exists says:

I wish I had her spirit and energy

Fairly Ducklings says:

you are so strong! i love your bright smile! more confident then i could ever feel.

Francia F. says:

I can think of one word to describe Autumn: Corageous! You go girl!!!

Madison Minor says:

I love her


Hey beautiful ur awesome may God continue to bless u with all ur desires!!love from DMV(WASHINGTON D.C,MARYLAND,VIRGINIA)

Melissa Rosario says:

god bless her

Hali Nepsha says:

Awe, I love her. ❤️

AirTodd says:

You go.Don’t listen to the haters because they wish then could do it. I know what you are going through. The doctors said I was born with CP.I don’t have cp as bad.I have little use of my right hand. Im trying to get into photographing more .So keep up with what you are doing. You are awesome and your attitude great.

Altaire Versailles says:

orange man bad…amirite????

Mariel Offermann says:

I stumbled upon this video. Oh my god. I have CP too. And I agree with you. Most people don’t know what we are capable of. For me, people stare. I just want to say to them, stop staring, I get it, you don’t really see a girl in a wheelchair/walker. But just because we are different, doesn’t mean we can’t do stuff you do. I’m in band. And yeah, it sounds normal. But, my muscles can’t relax. So if I take a quiz, and while I’m playing I’m shaky, it would come out of my instrument, not sounding good. Modeling is one of the many things we can do. And I know we can do more. To people reading this, 1 like = 1 less stare.

Shana Webster says:

You go girl!!!!!!

Bengt Johansson says:

Dear Young Lady. You are really beautiful, never forget that.

As you might already know, there are people that can’t handle other people with disabilities and their reaction can as a consequence of that have a very humiliating and heartbreaking impact on a vulnerable exposed person. But remember one thing young Lade, nothing is more important than YOU and that you live your life as best you can under the circumstances.

So take good care of your self young Lady and God Bless You.

ayloak says:

she’s so lovely

John: 1515 says:

I wish she had a YouTube channel. She is really sweet. She takes beautiful pictures plus she looks good in real life too.

Rinikitty says:

I just want to hug her ❤️ she’s so beautiful~

Alexandra Cirulis says:

she is so sweet and cool!

Casey Finnegan says:


Madara Uchiwa says:


Yes I know what you can do, *”NOTHING”* it’s right in the name “disability.

missreinna says:

My goodness, shes gorgeous! I soo admire her strong and positive personality. Would totally love to be her friend!!

Awoke! Awoke! says:

Damn skippy…..shake baby shake!!!
God bless !!!!

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