Cameron Russell’s Mission to Make Beauty About Brains

Victoria Secret model transforms female activists into glamazons to feature their work.


S says:

Is it just me or was that interviewer trying to give her the bedroom eyes?

Shota Sue says:

She is very impressive unless she is working that industry which she blames anymore….

SubtleChanger says:

Oh Gawsh…just shut up and go to college or something! There are tons on twenty something year olds with eloquent words and unique ideas who will never get the chance to have their confusion aired on American TV. The fact that SHE is able to do it proves the disproportionate favourite for people who are good looking.

celerystalker19 says:

how is that unfortunate?

fung csmfung says:

Good to see Cameron Russell in the Prada Ad Campaign though…

daffodilZephyr says:

She doesn’t hate modelling, she hates what it promotes. Cameron hates the idea that she herself is viewed and idolized over factors she has no control over. The fashion its self is a form of artistry and its a wonderful and creative field. She is a model and is used as a canvas for designers, photographers, make-up artists, and is a construction. Yet people go wow SHE looks beautiful.

chris says:

‘HollyGolightly078’ sez “she’s not even very good looking and she has a speech problem” (i’m gonna go out on a limb and guess holly is not hot. at all. ay yi yi.

MJFan625Moonwalker says:

She’s definitely not ugly, but I’m not sure if she’s drop dead gorgeous. Good looking, but doesn’t exactly stand out.

Rafat Parwez says:

Models not as Role Models? Damn! You’re my role model.

racemetothestarskid says:

Can all you guys go watch her ted talk before you comment? Cause this did definitely not get to the same point that did…

farah alfahad says:

Cameron Russel is amazing!

James Louis says:

I think its interesting that she keeps saying “white models”  She’s making it seem like white skin is the most desirable. White skin is beautiful don’t get me wrong, but there’s also darker skinned women who are desirable in the fashion industry. 

Amanda Alston says:

“Perfection” is ONLY a word. Nobody is perfect; at best these models are just really hot.

thatswhatsup0493 says:

Can’t stands the announcers voice. So annoying! Its like shes doing it on purpose!

Ash A says:

I love how she kept mentioning the privileged status of whites…but abc news all but ignored that…on purpose. It’s true how white beauty is perceived over others…all because it’s white people who have more wealth…hence the fact we see white people on cover magazines and catwalks much more often.

Adan says:

I love you Cameron

D.E.B. B says:

Pretty women want to be valued for their brains; smart women want to be told that they’re beautiful. Nobody’s ever happy with what they have. There’s a reason why appearance is so important for women; because for 99% of our existance, males had only that to go on to determine the best possible female to mate with to increase the odds that she would be healthy and fertile, and pass along his dna line. And it’s hard to de-program evolution, so trying to get men to ignore appearance isn’t going to work anytime soon. Yes, we do weigh in other things besides appearance, but if there’s anything about you that turns us off sexually, game over. 

Anna says:

To all of you hating on her because she still models, thinl with your brain a second. If she quits modellin, what should shw work with? She has been modelling since a young age, so i don’t think she has studied something…

Samuel115s says:

what I would like to see is for there to be more ethnic diversity In the industry so that the beauty standard can be a far game for all races and not just for whites. even when black people look good, they are still not good enough cuz the beauty standard is bias and unfair.

peacerebelgirl says:

if she takes the $$$$$$ she makes and uses it to help empower young women or impoverished mothers or something of the like she may have a redeemable message. otherwise she’s being a hypocrite.

DelilahZoe says:

BAM! Out of the park. Go Cameron!

daffodilZephyr says:

when I was younger I would have said but I have seen first hand that “beauty” does make a difference.

HollyGolightly078 says:

she’s not even very good looking and she has a speech problem

NinaH Co says:

This anchor has a dirty face. WHY?

G Money says:

Loooooovr cameron

Zhengguo Zhu says:

This bitch got more fame than her thought

Wednesday Addams says:

In the society she is a part of, that is the definition of beauty.

Hanne Clausen says:

ouhh, i kinda cringe when the narrator said “giv-on-SHAY”

TheGlexpa9000 says:

what is the point of this. Most things in life arent fair so people need to learn to work with what they have. If little girls cant accept that they arent supermodels then they are going to have a hard time with everything else in life. Cameron you shouldnt be upset with the media, they have set a standard for beauty the same way all industries have set their standards. If there is any one to blame its the parents for not telling their kids the truth about the world they brought them into.

jenthemusician says:

Wait a second… “symmetry equals health.” You can’t just make a statement like that and move on without proving or even explaining it. I hate the news, it always twists our perceptions. Why am I watching this. I should go back to TEDtalks where I belong.

Wednesday Addams says:

I disagree. It depends upon the profession you aspire to pursue. If you want to be an engineer and doctor, beauty has very little to do with your success. If you want to be a model or a singer, like Cameron had said, than beauty has everything to do with it.

nehemiah Abraham says:

Go get lost

Matthew Rider says:

A model claiming looks aren’t everything, is the equivalent of a pornstar claiming sex isn’t everything.

Who the freak is she trying to convince?!?

LAMOTTA1979 says:

Biting the hand that has fed her. If she feels it is so superficial then she should try another profession.

princessD says:

whats she talking abt genetic lottery ! her butt is flat as a pancake lol…very average features, and flat body

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