Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.

Cameron Russell admits she won “a genetic lottery”: she’s tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don’t judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16-years-old. (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic.) Cameron on Twitter:
Cameron on Instagram:

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Alex Parks says:


Mike Favini says:

Funny how the title says: Looks aren’t everything and by the end of the video we are told they actually are…. That’s just the confidence boost this repulsive gimpy SOB needed. Great!

AC/DC says:

I’ve gotten over the fact that I feel ugly. I’m not. I’ve accepted what I look like because I am healthy. And that’s the most important!

John Smith says:

She seems to be assuming that everyone finds her beautiful. Like it’s some 100% truth.

sohaib wazza says:

She is unhappy with her fake appearance on the magazines and billboards (I suppose) But I believe Cameron is really good person herself besides being a person she always have to be in front of the cameras and the spotlight. She is unique on her own!

Leona Brawne says:

So, the models will be insecure too… who cares? They are still benefiting from their looks and treated better.

Samara Ribeiro says:

I would love to train English with someone who has native speakers, or who live in English speaking countries. If anyone is interested, leave the number to contact me

اسماء خليفة says:


John A. says:

Wow, what a good talk.

Phuong Ha VN says:

looks are not everything but it is everything.

skeetorkiftwon says:

She admits to being the beneficiary of gender privileges but men are still the problem? She chose to model instead of pursuing knowledge and proving herself intellectually but underwear model keeps her from running for president? Why does post modernist bullshit still dominate the narrative?

How does one win the genetic lottery, acknowledge the benefits, dismiss the benefits, claim the benefits aren’t worth worrying about, ask to not be worshipped, acknowledge the only reason for the platform was the worship, willingly be sexualized, hate sexualization, and still find a rational or relevant reason to open the discussion?

In a female funded industry with nearly zero male financial interest outside of production why aren’t women refusing to compete in the beauty industry? Answer: Women are obsessed with shallow outward physical appearance.

J Girl says:

She was absolutely terrified up there. Poor thing. I’m glad that she held it together. Those were super sensitive topics

ultimatekai says:

Only ugly people or men are commenting “Good looks make life easier”. Fact is, you don’t know. You don’t know unless you live it. Like, okay I get free drinks at the bar… But I also get followed around by strange men in public. It may look easier when you’re looking at it from the outside, but unfortunately you don’t know that being conventionally attractive has its hardships and downsides, too. Don’t look at things so superficially — free drinks and avoiding speeding tickets doesn’t equate to an easier life.

Yoshiki X says:

looks like I lost in genetic lottery..damn

Aakash Indu says:

I don’t understand what was wrong with her initial outfit

Aaron722076 says:

She’s pretty but too skinny. Eat a sandwich or two, girly. IME she is right about a lot of beautiful women being highly insecure about their looks.

Kyla Main says:

All of the comments are the same!!! Stop scrolling.

Alex Marchino says:

We have two factory in this story, beauty and fame.

Maja Mladenovic says:

Note that you can’t eat whatever and as much as you want!! It’s reason enough for me to not be a model. Cause if you gain weight, you are on the street my friend.

Ivan says:

She is completely right… Just right, brave and deeply humanistic person!!! Happy such people exist.
Unfortunately, in my country (Russia) such problems aren’t discussed yet : (

Луперкаль Хэдлайнер says:

ммм, понятно

Josh Xi says:

Looks are definitely not everything. But it is definitely something that can help one advance as long as he/she uses it smartly.

DarkDrift0r says:

thin thighs are *ew*. we all will agree

SuperFashionWorld says:

These types of talks are not necessary. For youngsters maybe, but not adults. We all know that all people, regardless of wealth and beauty, has self-issues of various forms. But in the end: ugly wants to be pretty, poor wants to be wealthy; pretty does NOT want to become ugly, and wealthy does NOT want to become poor. These kind of talks instantly fall under: pretty white girl wants sympathy for being born privileged. Alright, alright, she can get mine – wow, is she beautiful:)

Maksims Ivanovs says:

5:30 yea, how about attend a college, do social work for 10-20 years, and actually benefit a society like other politicians, then you can be a president with a 10year modelling experience prior.

Nakamura Michiko says:

I read the title and expected something extraordinary from this, but did not find it.

E. H. Nathasia says:

Love this. Has been looking for someone who dares to talk about it.

Bryce James says:

“looks aren’t everything” until you’re fuckin ugly, than looks are everything!

Türkan lee says:


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