Breast Cancer Survivor Relaunches Modelling Career | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

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A MODEL who has undergone a double mastectomy has successfully relaunched her modelling career on a New York catwalk. Allyson Lynch, 30, started out as as a fit and catalogue model for alternative fashion brand Sourpuss clothing in 2014, but feared a breast cancer diagnosis would end her career before it could really take off. The young woman from Philadelphia found the lump during a routine breast exam when she was just 26 and elected to have a bilateral mastectomy for ‘peace of mind.’ Despite her fears, Allyson found that her experiences opened up even more doors for her modelling career and she hopes to encourage more survivors to embrace their new bodies.

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Editor: Beth Angus

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Mia Crystal Heart says:

This is really sad but god has a plan for us all everything must do is do believe in god and do his missions and god has a big bog plan for your life

Lee C. says:

Reminds me of Barbie boobs 🙂

L T says:

Allyson, my love. You are INCREDIBLE

Destri Nundlall says:

This is a beautiful story

Romeo Jones says:

I never been a breast man anyway

Cancer says:

Cool she censored her self

dustin741 says:

I’d hit it……

Natalie Taleb says:

Omg, you are VERY strong not a lot of people make it through cancer (breast cancer) there is a 1 in 5 chance, and u survived! 😀 btw I love ur tattoo’s and your boyfriend he is really supportive

Alessandra Bozzelli says:

Amazing woman and those tattoos look beautiful on you! Sourpuss clothing is great!

Elizabeth Gayley says:

Omg!! I know her!! She was my favorite hair dresser ever!! I miss you Allyson!!

L. Gyger says:

No nipples = no boobs. Hm, ok…

munyeca hellproof says:

Ouuuuuu look at the baddie

Alex Gabriel says:

My grandmoterh is a breast cancer surivor too.And she got her surgery done in the day I was born and now she say that I am her luck.And she make me cry everytime she say this

Turtles Rock says:

The pink hair!

Amari Alexander says:

Where s her nipples?

French Fry says:

My grandmother survived breast cancer and it spread to her brain and she started forgetting alot of stuff, my whole family was afraid she would forget us.

Zelda ThePizza says:

No more bra HELL YEAH

Spills51 says:


Gernan Karl says:

So if breasts like this are okay. But breasts with nipples aren’t, what’s the difference except for the tips. Like why is it disgusting, it’s just flesh.

M Stewart says:

My mom has stage four breast cancer

Joshua J says:

“She ain’t got no NIIIIIIPLLLLLLES”- Kevin Hart

No harm intended just thought it was funny forgive me.

Tmk PUBG says:

shov bob and vagan, oh wait

Tia Brigham says:

Man this video inspired me to go & get my chest checked out and plus my mom died from breast cancer when I was 9 and I’m 20 now, how do I come out my nervous zone and see what’s exactly going on? I’m so scared honestly 🙁

Ansjelien v G. says:

Amazing! So much respect ✌

Jean P. G. says:

Oh no, a disgusting feminist with an ugly nose ring. It sucks she didn’t die. One less feminist is always a good thing. 🙁

Tamiya Mclin says:


MhmIgotthis Smith says:

So they just remove them like that?

Gabi Zee says:

okay seeing this made me think of how strange it is her boobs aren’t censored just because they don’t have nipples. why aren’t all chests uncensored?? augh

Luis Gran1llo says:

my friends say seeing a girl with a bikini counts as nudes IT IS TRUE

Shadow Foxx says:

Calm down angel eyes before you make all this fish belly up cause of the MERMAID you are… God your Gorgeously Beautiful. i send my love and respect.

Tamiya Mclin says:


Dogs are best Love animals says:

Awwwwwwwwwww so cute dogs

Ruine Marie says:

i am crying. currently awaiting some news that can affect my future, im just 21. This video was just what i needed. Thanks so much. You are so strong

Marten Evertse says:

What a lovely strong lady, and her husband seems very sweet too

Jenny Rules says:


Jorja Hughes-Whyte says:

This isn’t just beautiful its amazing she’s sooooo brave and self loving

Lava Sharknado says:

Where is her niplozz?

Frankie Zamudio says:


Daniel Lama says:

Wow what she is doing is awesome.she is still so gorgeous. I love her body, personality and tattoos. God bless .

DylanTunez ### says:


brandon wright says:

Damn she’s hot you go gurl.

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