Bella Hadid’s Jet-Lag Beauty Survival Guide | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

As fashion’s favorite girl-of-the-moment and the new face of Dior beauty, Bella Hadid can coax her complexion back to supermodel status in seconds, no matter the time difference between her internal body clock and the sun. The secret is in her concealer—and, of course, the ever-important blending sponge. After that? “You just like, wing it, you know?”

All makeup from Dior.

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Bella Hadid’s Jet-Lag Beauty Survival Guide | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Starring: Bella Hadid


Katie Wilkinson says:

Because I have tons of brows??

Simply Olive says:

She’s so pretty without make up I can’t even

Dreamer of 1997 says:

I liked how it was natural.

Plastic Tramp says:

I love her so much

Kyra Le Roux says:

really pretty look x

Jennifer Merchant says:

But to the people saying she’s ugly, I’ve always thought that Bella was one of the very few “actually pretty” models! She has a natural beauty with or without makeup. Honestly I think she May be the Prettiest of All these Runway Models!

Sofia Tyrrell says:

Bella looks so pretty with no makeup

Megan lindsay says:

Why all the negativity there’s no need for it

Sahara Coleman says:

She’s so beautiful!!!!

MiaJazzyTime says:

She is very pretty

enya says:

divine beauty

fiona merry says:

Don’t you think it’s sad that it’s plastic surgery

Jaila Nelson says:

she doesn’t really need makeup​ tbh

Angelu dc says:


Michelle Silva says:

Gorgeous with and without makeup

Deborah Jade Cleto says:

I like it. Very simple, neat, beautiful.

Panic!AtTheTrain Station says:

I love bella❤️

Jennifer Merchant says:

Well…she’s no makeup artist! Lol

jemzjyp says:

she’s so pretty

nour says:

I met her 3 days ago and she was soooo genuinely beautiful so kind and sweet!!! She was so amazing

WhoCares WhoIAm? says:

Damn I love this whole video

Rongomai Ham says:

If Jennifer Lawrence & Emily Blunt had a daughter!

Cielo M says:

“imperfections are still beautiful right?” YOU GOT NONE WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT

Nikki says:

How does she not need a hair tie I’m shook

Anti Bullshit says:

She doesn’t sound like she looks. She looks like she would have a thick Russian accent.

Sandra Hastings says:

Yes, imperfections are still beautiful, but you can still be insecure about them, so stop fucking around with the “she got her nose done” , we already know it and she is not the only one in the industry

Zahida says:

She always seems to look upset

simply stefanie says:

bella stop with the makeup cuz your face is gorgeous the makeup is irritating so much of your natural beauty 🙂

mclxo120 says:

Tiny brows, did I hear that right?!? My brows before are way tinier, lol. I like her brows, they’re nice.

Liz pop says:

She’s 58

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