Beauty Is a State of Being: Melanie Gaydos

We asked model Melanie Gaydos to participate in the What’s Underneath Project because she bears witness to our belief that style

Is not about wanting to be someone else,
Is comfort in your skin,
Is your spirit,
Is What’s Underneath.

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Melanie Staes says:

I love her <3 she is an amazing and strong woman

Jeffrey Bishop says:

God makes beauty. Her beauty comes from within and her beauty flows outward to make a beautiful world with all people.

lolcutepeoplez9 says:

She’s so beautiful.

mallorycc1 says:

this is the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen

Danii Bananii says:

I wish I would have found this earlier. this videos are amazing and I have so mich respect for all this people!

john derose says:

You are a beautiful person…very loveable,

sara meachel says:

I loved her

Emma Grace Thompson says:

i can’t like this video enough

Noeske Kaesler says:

this is what platforms like youtube should be used for. so much love for this project. thank you.

schoenlala says:

What a gentle soul

Joleen Kiser says:

I used to talk to Melanie a looong time ago when I was in highschool on a an alternative social media sites. She was so super sweet.

schoenlala says:

<3 <3 <3

Lisa Fuchsteufelswild says:

I send so much love to this beautiful person !

LetsBeClear says:

I feel this, i feel her deep sense of pain and her pride. She’ll never see this comment but tbh this interview has wrecked me. Its reminded me that we’re the same soul experiencing itself subjectively through a linear timespace model that ensures we forget this unsettling/profound fact. Im comforted by her humanity. Im embarrassed at what humanity has come to be on the whole, a collective representation of repression pain and rage. Lets be honest open and kind to eachother. Please. She gets it, we can be baby ducks and follow that example right

Sarah Eleanor says:

She has such a way about her… She is so eloquent and thoughtful. But on top of that she has this graceful presence and beautiful figure! What a woman. I think people judge too frequently. Either they feel bad and jump to complimenting her beauty in a superficial way because of fear of her differences or they call her ugly because she appears strange. However strange, she is beautiful. Not in a shallow outward beauty, but in a presence. A spirit. She is aesthetically pleasing to look at in my opinion because of her strangeness. I acknowledge it and so should others but in a kind way. The way her skin gets red and splotchy when she gets upset is kind of beautiful. I’ve always thought cleft pallettes looked sweet as well. Maybe I’m odd. The point is that she is a person and every person has a feature I like about them. You just have to find it. Also I find people frequently associate these physically altering conditions with intellectual dissabilities. I hope this gives people insight on that. I hope people realize she is an intelligent woman despite her voice and appearence. The judgment just needs to end.

Alexandra Niederle says:

she’s a badass i love her!

Marcvs Gatticus says:

Lov’n you Melanie!

captain obviously says:

we all really do “project our own bullshit.” such a wise woman

George Lyden says:

A Beautiful soul…:-)

Analisa Lorena Corral says:

<33 So beautiful

Andrea Maher says:

What a sweetheart. I saw her featured in the series 9 Months That Made You, and she really touched me. So I was happy to see her here as well. She’s such a genuine person and truly an inspiration.

Danica Marjanovic says:

I love her!

Verónica Bersh says:

this is the most incredible video i´ve ever seen. this is beauty.

Izzy Portillo says:

i think out of every single one of these videos i can honestly say this one is the one that got me. seeing someone who you know has actually been through a struggle that we cannot comprehend is so emotional. I can’t get emotional when I see a pretty girl talking about life? idk. even though what she’s saying is inspirational it doesnt get to me that she actually had to go through a tough time. But this girl has unexplainable beauty within her and i can see it! i can feel it when she speaks! its truly unexplainable. I love this video the most out of all!

Gina LaFionda says:

how many things must a person endure? health issues, abusive family, abusive relationship… it never stops for some, I feel like it’s always to the most sensible people, it’s so unfair!

Jodi Hodge says:

omg. wow. i’m so appreciative of this channel. beautiful. you’re beautiful.

Bonita Brooks says:

such a beautiful rare person. a gift

Anna Streit says:

Thank you very much for this amazing video. Thank you Melanie and StylelikeU!

Sydney Winetrout says:

she is so strong and beautiful. I’m crying

Alanna Gonzalez says:

god bless her. she is strong and an inspiration to others. she is beautiful.

Happiness_ Comes says:

“You’re beautiful, remember that for me”

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