Beauty and the Beast Cake – Disney Princess Belle CHOCOLATE SHOE How To Make

Hi, I´m Elena and today I show how to make a Beauty and the Beast inspired cake decorated with fondant and how to make a princess Belle high heel shoe from modeling chocolate. The shoe can be made using gumpaste too.

How to make White Modeling Chocolate and color it

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CakesStepbyStep is about cakes and cupcakes decorating with fondant and buttercream frosting. Also you can watch simple chocolate decoration techniques and cake recipes. Learn with me basic cake decoration techniques which will help you to decórate your own cake masterpiece. HAVE FUN!

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hope monday says:

Nigeria m

Katy Glz says:

Que elegante pastel!..Dios le dio un gran talento

Clareta Pandansari says:

me love cake you

ioana ioana says:

I love my cake

البؤتالباد نتللننللده says:

Very good

hannah forbes says:

Wow xxx my 10 year old cousin loved it

Amir Zzz says:

استغفر الله العظيم كعكه فوقها كندرة تنحط على راس اللي عملها

Lori Presnell says:

I want to thank all those involved in these videos. I learn so much! thank you!!

Jade Casado says:

ASB Seattle

Kwang Dcc says:


Schneider W says:

beautiful video! I love the music that starts at 3.40. anyone knows the name of this track?

Isadora Zorzetti says:

adorei queria um desse para o meu aniversário

Claudia Aguirre says:

love your cake video. my inspiration!!!

syed ziaur rahman says:

so nose

Abhay kumar says:


paigeypaigey777 says:

How pretty! Just out of curiosity, how much did this cake cost the client?

Rita Martin says:

me encanta, gracias

Sirawat Noppawong says:


Mah Noor says:

very bad shoes on eatable thing……

LETS PLAY!!! says:

Nice work elena ?

Isadora Zorzetti says:


Richa Mathur says:

how to make side frills and rose.
this is eatable item then how to make please described full detail. please

Amy Lomas says:

that’s amazing!

Fernando Cortinez says:

hola soy la sobrina de Fernando Cortinez podés hacer pedidos???

Pamela Cristina says:

se. esse. sapato. fossi. der. verdade. já. estaria. na. moda ne

Salshabita Zayyana says:

hi i from indonesian,may i know how to make that cake decore from what

Principe Peluso says:

Hi Elena!!! Its pretty beautiful your work! CONGRATULATIONS!!! ;D

Jefreen Chowdhury says:

it’s very nice too.

nikeyly Gama says:

I love it! and enjoy each step, THANK YOU!

Kaci Patrick says:

CAKES STEPBYSTEP SOMEONE IS STEALING YOUR VIDEOS PLEASE READ THIS Okay, sorry I caplocked I’m trying to get your attention, theres an account that is stealing peoples art and cake videos and blurs out the accounts watermarks/account names placed on the videos, and they have dozens of them from various accounts. They never credit anyone they take the videos from and its blatant stealing! In the description bar on this particular video it even says “Hi, I´m FIZA KHAN and today I show how to make a Beauty and the Beast inspired cake” The account name is fiza khan and I wanted to let you know! They’ve also used some of your other videos in like their compilation video things. IF YOURE A FAN PLEASE LIKE THIS SO MAYBE ELENA WILL SEE THIS COMMENT AND FILE A COMPLAINT PLEASE AND THANK YOU

Huda Tabbasum says:

wow what a sandle

Hggفديت اسوارة اموت على سنسكار Hggg says:

شنو هاي حرام ترى نعمت اللة الهة حوبة ؟؟؟

Mariana Cancela says:

É lindo o que fizeste

Daniela Cors says:

beautiful!!! the shoe is with fondant?

Scarleth Anais Millan Cabeza says:

que baquan

Amada Chang says:

Eres un artista…. Felicitaciones. Saludos desde Perú

Yetty Dalimunthe says:


Clareta Pandansari says:

beautyful cake

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