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iKON IsLife says:

She is really beautiful. Maybe bc she has least experience, but if trained, i know she’ll be amazing.

Jesus is Lord says:

Damn I got good taste on who should win these modeling shows. I called her to win the whole damn thing XD

I know when a women is a 10.

Bellamy Gregman says:

Guys remember this gorgeous girl have only 6 months experience of modelling

John Chan says:

So…in the show AsNTM, they keep saying Beauty has the least experience…this is least experience? @@

•myesha aleeya• says:

Shes the winner??

윤정kath. says:

Beauty is beautiful

Nina Mendoza says:

effortless sobrang ganda nya shittt

Geraldine Reyes says:

She’s really beautiful but she just looks the same in every picture like same poses and expressions.

Sabhina Vini says:

soooo beautiful ! ❤

Smrithi Mani says:

y’all keep talking about same facial expressions……when has a high fashion model ever made weird faces for the editorials? different expressions are reserved for different spreads. y’all will hate on anything and anyone just because you can, huh?

Mecca Lovett says:

Love the song? What is it?

Angelee Ramos says:


Ouardia Fellag says:

Always in love with her face

smileitssuunnah O says:

Yes gal…. get it

chenle's dolphin laugh says:

She looks like Pocahontas.

이비 says:

She suit lip advertise well.. what a pretty lips

Abner Juweng Napolean says:

yall b dragging her when yall be liking kendall jenner and bella hadid who literally gives no expressions in their covers as well

D' Violator says:

Just like Maymay entrata.. They’re both Simple girl in a simple day.. But they are real slayers

Erwin Jade says:

I’m sure. She will be the winner

Datrisya Caca says:

She is the winner?

Abrhm mkhael says:

Beauty really beauty!!!

Ah Jing says:

Maybe her is winner

Khaing Mar says:

Guysssss beauty is in storm models now!!!!

M.Ricia says:

She looks like Tu

hazel daisog says:

Her face is gorgeous pure asian

Cindy Guijarno says:

loveyou beauty from philippines fans

PatPineda Volleyball says:

This is a true Asian Beauty. Most contestant in Asntm looks more western than asian.

boo bear says:

her look is very unique but she needs to work on the variety of her facial expressions and not deliver the same expression every time

Denny Effendy says:

1 Dimension Model

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