A Hand Model Explains What It Takes

Hands first!

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Ashly Covington
Instagram: @HandModelUSA

Beautiful woman’s nails with beautiful french manicure. Spa hands care. Beauty salon.
Subtonic Anna / Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.Used with Permission
Beautiful Female Hands
Yuriyzhuravov / Thinkstock.com
Woman Rubbing Lotion On Hands, Close-Up Of Hands
Thomas Northcut / Thinkstock.com
Beautiful Hands
Zoonar/N. Okhitin / Thinkstock.com
Beautiful Woman Hands With French Manicure
Tanuha2001 / Thinkstock.com
Hand Open
Ala Charnyshova / Thinkstock.com
Open Hands
Anna Gugnina / Thinkstock.com


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Voozula says:

When you have eczema on your hands so you can’t stand a chance

Summer Leady says:

I really enjoyed this. What a strange career field I didn’t know I was curious about. Hmm.

Eterna Mortal says:

my dream job…

Michelle Smirnova says:

I would never be able to be a hand model tbh, my hands are awful, especially because of my nail biting problem

TheFreakifier says:

They forgot the most important question: How much do they get PAID???

Anabelle says:

My hands are chubby, I have super short nails because I bite them (basically no nails at this point) my cuticles or horrible looking and the ends up my fingers are peeling, blistering or have calluses constantly from playing many different string instruments. I would definitely not be able to get a job as a hand model

Karolina Krauz says:

Many people say I have very pretty hands and i agree to that, my hands are smooth, not shaky or anything, exactly like you described them, and I’m proud 🙂 btw I’m 12. Aaaand I never use cream or wear gloves..

Infernal Cookie says:

Is it bad that I don’t really like hand models’ hands? They look very stiff and lifeless to me.

danisnotahamster says:

I can’t even be a hand model, I have weird shaped hands and bent fingers fml

Space Lemons says:

I have eczema so I can’t do that but I don’t want to anyway

Tajhai Wright says:

I honestly think I could be a hand model

Yoshikage Kira says:


Elaina Chesnut says:

i could be a hand model

Deirdre McMahon says:

I knew before I clicked that she would make that obvious handjob joke. Sigh.

Aisha Zee says:

my hands look like hers

The Doctor says:

Lmao I have super duper short fingers.

kapuraftw says:

so clearly she isnt aloud to have a cat.

Riley Ford says:

I feel like she looks like a older version of Blake Lively!

m3th says:

I want a handjob now

ColbertSmith says:

There are no parts modeling agencies in Canada. What can I do?

Zero Gray says:

I could never be a hand model. 5 years of playing cello gives you some serious calluses. I also get a lot of scratches and I pick at scabs, so scars for days

BulletProofMySoul says:

I’m pretty sure the the photos of the hands in the video aren’t of Ashly. I’ve seen a lot of her work and they don’t look like her, most of them have long thick fake nails on, she never wears fake nails.

ranncarlos says:

i had all the criteria of being a hand model. NOT. I’m the exact opposite though, fingers too fatty, cuticles very visible, a bit hairy, wide fingernails, and the list goes on

Aisha Zee says:

my hands look like hers

alessia dellerba says:

I bet buzzfeed did that on purpose in the thumbnail..

Rulia Lee says:

I’m the opposite of this. My fingers are like mini sausages.

Haley N says:

I always notice when someone has pretty hands… so jealous

Nicole Lorraine Toroy says:

I have long fingers and soft palm and are usually praised but I have a habit of cracking my knuckles and my hands shakes and sweats a lot so no chance for me!

Jonathan Lafleche says:

I have beautiful hands but I’m a guy so they’re a bit hairy.

Madison ASMR says:

I really need to look into hand modeling. People always complement me on my nails and hands, as well as the way I move them? I think I’d be good for the job!

Keirungi Mugadu says:

My hands are good, but my nails are a whole different conversation

Nadia NDNT says:

I actually have quite good looking hands, they even more photogenic than my face. IDK if I should feel proud or not about this…

Aluminum says:

Buzzfeed trying to be sly with their thumbnail

Hijabi Kebabi says:

Holy moly. You mean to say that face models that have there hands to their face…. have in fact someone else hand on their face? mind. blown.

Karichi Du Soleil says:

My mom was a hand model for a short time when she was younger, and all my life my dad always told me I had pretty hands. If I somehow found a way to be a hand model that would be great. (other than the fact I have a small birthmark on one hand but hello, photoshop!)

Guinevere Bloch says:

People are constantly telling me how beautiful my hands are… maybe this is what I should be doing haha.

EverybodyLovesMaria says:

It reminded me of “hand twin” profession from Friends. 🙂

aussiekirkland says:

I use my hands way too much playing sax, video games and drawing to be a hand model. And although they’re nice I spend zero energy on my nails

Felipe de Oliveira says:

10/10 would hit

Atomic Pixie says:

My hands are the opposite their fat and short hairy ugh

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