45 Beauty Secrets in 5 Minutes—Here’s Everything We Learned in 2017 | Vogue

There was Kendall and Drew and Miranda​, Chaka and Paloma​ and Hari and Valentina​. A fresh-faced gang of top models and celebrities threw open their powder room doors and revealed their most sacred hair, makeup, and skin rituals for Vogue in 2017. Some are stolen from their mothers, like Priyanka Chopra’s all-natural, homemade lip scrub from India ​, and some look, at first glance, just a little bit crazy (see Cassie’s 10-second smoky eye trick​ or ​model Grace Hartzel’s Friday the 13th sheet mask​). The common denominator? It’s all in the name of beauty.

That’s why, to close out the year, we’ve assembled a visual cheat sheet of their greatest hits. There are face misters, jade rollers, moisturizers, and foundations. Contour powders, curl creams, face oils, and concealers. But beyond every product was a brilliant trick worth stealing. A few of our favorites? A dark brown mascara doubles as brow gel​, ​and a rosy lipstick, blended onto the apples of the cheeks, provides the perfect I-just-came-in-from-the-cold flush.

Chapped lips are no match for these skilled pros: Just ask Victoria’s Secret model Josephine Skriver​, who scrubs her lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate and plump. Other gems worth remembering: Highlighter is the new lipliner, and the best hair serum may not be hair serum at all. “I feel like it creates some sort of vibe,” says sex columnist and Viceland host Karley Sciortino ​of her unconventional go-to product, plucked from a bedroom side table. Anything to get the job done—because as the legendary Chaka Khan knows, the secret to achieving icon status is simple: “Always look your best.”

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45 Beauty Secrets in 5 Minutes—Here’s Everything We Learned in 2017 | Vogue


Therapeutic Relations says:

insane video!

unitato half unicorn half potato says:

kendall is so cute

Arianna Coolidge says:


Snowy Tiffany says:

Just gonna dab *dabs* AHAHA JUST KIDDING

Ingrid Blanck says:

I kept on waiting for Jessica to appear sometime, but… ):

Lool Mundi says:

who´s in 3:14 ?

Rosie Day says:

4:36 sameeee

crazyvideogirl says:

3:00 who is she?? so pretty!!

Cristina Velez says:

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Nina Lizzeth says:

adriana lima can’t be a real human OMG

Mdbashi 9052688815 says:

Useless video

Hari Nimu says:

kendall and priyanaka are good with their makeups

Jess - says:

Who is that? 2:23 Omg she is beautiful af

Snowy Tiffany says:

“Maybe I’ll fall in love, maybe I’ll fall in a dumpster”

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Adi Gaon says:

who is on 3:19 – 3:20 ?

Lea Schumacher says:

Who has that much time in the morning??

Cece Creates says:

3:52 wow that makeup took a turn fast!

Ambrosia ! says:

So you can see where my eyes begin and end.

xo Unicorn Lover ox says:

How can they apply mascara without opening their mouths? Its impossible, like wth?

Sara Rodriguez says:

Everyone in here is so beautiful

Emily Sabados says:


LaylaxBuilding says:

I would also do Jamsu (I’m not sure if that’s how you completely spell it but whatever xD)

Amanda says:

Who is the girl at 4:40 with the red lipstick blow drying her hair??? She is so beautiful!

I'm a Banana says:

I only wear mascara

Joanna deymonaz says:

notice that they are using their hands

jelena Direction says:

Wooow this is amazing

Julies Dresscode says:

Wonderful video! Love it!

Ivan Lizarraga says:

She used überlube in her hair!

chansee76 says:

Wtf the girl uses lube in her hair

Tori D says:

“Maybe I’ll fall in a dumpster.” HAHAHA… ME!

GAPAG says:

1:47 WHO IS SHE?

lila Harper says:

actually it’s 5 minutes and 7 seconds…

Joanna deymonaz says:

Kendall is so pretty

It's_ Alex says:

“Maybe i’ll fall in love. Maybe i’ll fall in a dumpster.”
*MY MOOD 24/7*

Frayer Miller says:

You’ve got the models being like “don’t put to much powder on”

Then there’s just the drag queen like”put yourself in the oven”

andie says:

“i’m just going to go off into the night.”
“maybe i’ll fall in love.”
“maybe i’ll fall in a dumpster.”

Jodie S says:

Who’s the girl at 3:01?

Taylor SwiftVEVO says:

Why is not Bella?

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