26-Year-Old Model Wears Her ‘Wrinkles’ With Pride

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A 26-YEAR-OLD woman with a rare condition that makes her look decades older is challenging beauty standards by becoming a model. Hoping to break into the modelling industry, Sara Geurts from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is determined to carve out a successful modelling career despite battling with Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) – a genetic condition that leaves her with excessively saggy skin.

Videographer / director: William McLeod
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Ruby Coote
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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2:22 anyone know what the background song is called?

baileyboy125 says:

Looks likda like a suit

Sammy Gee says:

شكون هنا مغربية Morocco

Dina Sullivan says:

She doesnt look she’s proud. Her face is extremly unhappy

TheBoom 56 says:


Sarah Neighbors says:

You are a beautiful person.

Grace Hinga says:

She has a bold beautiful heart and mind. Go girl …go go to the furthest….

Jade Sy says:

Someone is experimenting your skin perhaps a beauty doc too it’s actually just in the water. Don’t be deceived.

yalda says:

She is 26 yrs old??

Bigoti Black says:

Assume No wrinkles , she still looks way older … 50 ?

DiorGirl says:

Her muscles are very tight… I see just her skin as a layer of clothing on top of her gorgeous body!

Daniel Lama says:

This girl is still really cute. She has a amazing body. And glad she feels good modeling

TheBoom 56 says:


3165dwayne says:

Models are normally attractive. They normally show off clothing and such. This person has a disease that makes her physically unattractive. She wants to make society view modeling as showing off your inner personality in order to show off clothing?how the hell does that work? You don’t have too be a model for people to learn to accept you.

emily shadow says:

Yas queen you are so buetiful!! Keep strong you are a inspiration!!

Amanda W says:

Confidence is key! This video will help a lot of insecure people. What’s beautiful is that she is still beautiful.

yukari lee says:

This lady is gross get a surgery

crushell caines says:

You are an inspiration to everyone. There are many people out there that are afraid to show their imperfections. There is a person out there who believe if you can go around showing your skin and your imperfections, then they can do it too! Thank you for showing yourself and being willing to put yourself out there. You are an inspiration!!!!!

Karenni Girl says:

Is she transgender?

HyeonMin Son says:

What happened to her skin?

Ashleigh Nicole says:

Absolutely stunning. She is walking, talking art. Perfection.

Maritza Galdames says:

She’s beautiful Very beautiful. Saludos cariñosos desde Chile.

CyberAngel says:

She’s wrong. It really is ugly. Like those skinless cats and dogs. Ugh.

MrRaccoon92 says:

And some people freakout over stretchmarks… #hide

Peaceistheanswer27 says:

God is awesome. This lady is a walking testimony.

Lidia Moura says:

She’s still beautiful with a positive confidence may God bless you, be strong pretty girl cuz God will replace your skin when you meet him in heaven…you go girl.

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