11 Secrets the Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look stunning in spite of age or troubles? We confess to being a little jealous of them, but we understand they’ve got an army of personal beauty experts to help. However, the fundamentals of effective care are simple and brilliant!
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Alyssa Roa says:

I hope so

charliecw357 says:

Wouldn’t hurt her to sound less like a robot trying to be human.

Maria Diaz says:

I would expect a coffee mask to be brown, not white. Why show pictures if it’s not the right thing?
And yes it does work but it’s difficult to remove and who has the patience…

Nerdy Julia says:

I just lost 7 minutes of my life watching this useless video that has no new info

Hani Genene says:

There was another video that the title said “8 things that your dog knows about you” then I found this video right under it and I said I will watch this later then I came here to see this video guess WHAT I SHOULD HAVE JUST WATCHED THE DOG VIDEO EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO DOG. BECAUSE THE COVER OF THIS VIDEO AS WELL AS THE TITLE DON’T MATCH THE VIDEO. Busome of you who enjoy it have fun ND those of you who didn’t enjoy it well have fun

Diana Moore says:

i disagree with rubbing ice on your face as it can cause broken capillaries ( spider veins ) and steaming your face does also

Ikram kinderliedje says:

Only 1% will read this: I love you, have a great day❤


Celebs use photoshop

Western Starland says:

Above all, use cruelty free cosmetics and make your own beauty masks. No animal testing. Let’s shut down big label brands like L’oreal and Maybelline and Cover Girl that torture animals for the sake of “beauty”. And please, no Premarin, ladies. Bio-identical hormones are better. Check how Premarin is made.

Zom Bee Nature says:

Really ignorant

rd candy says:

I have to wait for one or two yrs for using this mask coz I’m already 18

Sam Trav says:

Brass also cause weakening of the muscles

Denise West says:

Please note these are not secrets most people know this.


Hey there! Tell us about your own tips on how to stay beautiful 🙂

Ahmeed 1 says:

Any men here

Rather B Fishing says:

Hard work and stress age people. Look at the difference between the commoners and wealthy people

Layia says:

i need some explanation for the thumbnail

Ma. Terence Eulalie Llanda-Subade says:

What is the proportion of coffee and milk for making the mask? Thanks!

pleiades and says:

The sun gives vitamin D. Put anti sun screen on your body and cancer of the skin will be at your door.

DaUnicorn -I don't have vids yet. says:

If you’re reading this, and you think you’re not good enough..just remember that you are beautiful in God’s eyes. You are a beautiful human being.

Ezham Khalid says:

You so good

Dan says:

What a beautiful video and very grateful to have had the truth pointed out to me. In fact this video alone led me to this fascinating article..


Children of God for Life, a watchdog group that monitors the use of fetal material in medical products, called last week for a boycott of all treatments manufactured by Neocutis Inc., which acknowledges that the key ingredient in its product line was developed from an ABORTED BOY!

Keep up the good work

Celia Cabral says:

Midleading tittle. No one in the beauty industry would neglect to tell clients these tips

Queen royal says:

Follow me on Instagram christina_ofical with one f

Elizabeth Jones says:

Drink more water

yellow heart says:

Pls more of this

Ruhana Tahreen says:

Hello random person just scrolling through the comments 🙂

montrice says:

hmmm clickbait

Diana Moore says:

i agree with using sunscreens, but the trouble is finding one that isn’t greasy and leaves your fingerprints everywhere

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