10 Unusual Women’s Beauty Standards In BRAZIL

Women’s beauty ideals in one of the largest cosmetic markets in the world, Brazil, South America. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Brazilian women have a love of their body, and aren’t afraid to show them off. It’s customary for women to celebrate their beauty, and hit the beach with scantly clad bikinis. But, how do they achieve such amazing physiques? From workouts to plastic surgery, these are 10 unusual beauty standards in Brazil.

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Viviane says:

Só to comentando por causa do meu homem, Min Yoongi .

Garota cristã says:

Entendi tudo haha

raphael rebello says:

Never heard that amount of bullshit in one video… Stereotiped at the most…

Jenni The Potato says:


Caroline Azar says:

So many things are so wrong in this video

Letícia S. says:

ha ha ha This video is a great fiction. It is not represent brazilian woman. I am a brazilian girl and here the people have a very common body. The top models are another nivel.

Julie Anna says:

Can you not bother to look up any pronunciations for your videos? Acai isn’t uh-sigh!

Raze says:

This video is a bunch of mythical, stereotypical bullshit describing things that only apply to a small percentage of the younger, wealthy upper crust of the population. This video makes Brazilians out to be an entire country of superficial supermodels walking around on the beach and getting plastic surgery all day. I also love how they left out an entire swath of the Brazilian population, the Pardo and Afro Brazilians. They only showed a bunch if white supermodels here to represent the entire country. As an Afro Brazilian, this is totally offensive garbage. It’s like making a video on how all Swedes are tall, blue eyed blondes with time for daily massages.

Fernanda Rezende says:

I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. After seeing this video, I feel like I’m living in a parallel dimension. I didn’t even hear about Velaterapia before watching this. Jesus…

BestFavorite says:

I’ve seen a Brazilian Meme that I can’t translate, can anyone help me please?
On the pic is a cow hanging on a tree limb almost falling down and it says:
Miga sua loca de manhã e voce trepada na arvore. Sai dai sua maluca, daqui a pouco cai e se quebra toda no chão

Vania Luiza Cirilo says:

HEHEHE We realy care about finger nail. It’s crazy kkkkk

Dezider Žiga says:

the more beautiful they are the smaller their hearts get.

Jackson Santtos says:

Varias verdades, e varias mentiras.!

Gustavo Grossi says:

All lies

Wagner Santos says:

para os grigos todos brasileiros vivem na praia de bequini tanguinha igual tarzan de boa pegando sol só coçando

corsican lulu says:

people are too obsessed w/ looks, its shameful

louis' secrets says:


Mint Yoongified says:


Cecilia LaPierre says:

did they just show suga from bts

Annagrace Myesara Chan says:

I see yoongi, I like

Julie Muniz says:

OK. I’m brazilian, so let’s talk about these tips?
1- Body type: Brazilian men like big butt, but they don’t reject big brests AT ALL. In fact, brazilian women loves silicone (in general). Brazilian women generaly have mediaum breasts;
2- Messy nails: TRUE. I was shocked when I discovered that american girls don’t cover all their nails with nailpolish;
3- AUNatural: Brazilian women LOVES makeup (in general) and also seeks to have good skin. But go to the dermatologist 1 time a month is NOT truth. I live in the beach and I DON’T cover my skin with sand, come on…
4- Long hair: TRUE. In general, brazilian women loves long hair (and brazilian men loves women with long hair too). 5 years ago, straight hair was unanimity. Today, girls seek for use their natural hair, so CURLY hair is very popular now.
5- Baby got Back: TRUE. Especially on the coast.
6- Brazilian Wax: TRUE Especially on the coast, for obvious reasons.
7- Pastic Parts: TRUE. Especially silicone.
8- Lymphatic Dreinage: It’s used here, but not a beauty standard.
9- Velaterapia: Jesus Lord, not a beauty standard at all.
10- Carrot Juice: I live in the beach, I’ve never done such a thing. However, It’s normal use carrot products before sunbathe, like carrot tanner.

But guys, this is IN GENERAL, and somethings are most commonly used by beach girls or models. I don’t do MOST of these things.

Zavis Gracias says:

These are actually the beauty standards of what women expect from each other. Women set themselves their own beauty standards and later generalise it and make it look like as if these beauty standards are expected from women by men.

Iðunn's Apples says:

I’m brazilian and dude, there is so much incorrect information in this video…


I’m a simple person. I see Suga I like

Angel Colmenares says:

You dont have to be rich to have great skin what does that mean???

Tha ty says:

I feel like this is more about Rio (where I live) and I have to say not everything is right in the video

henry rogers says:

Brazilian women are some of the most beautiful, fit, passionate and insanely sexy women you could ever encounter.

TheKillerKey says:

Random Suga pop up

Franciane Guidolin says:

mano, de onde eles tiraram isso? kkkkk maior parte é coisa nada a ver

Min Yoongi says:

Ksksksksk só observo o Suga Ali

Melon_Queen 0404 says:

Okay, Im Brazilian. People there are OBSSESED with plastic surgery. Everywhere I go I see PLastic Surgery Advisements. Im kinda pretty, but not a lot. Its really good to hear good stuff from my country, but im sure there are countries with way preetier people. Sorry brazilians!

Geraldine Km says:

i live in brasil and it is true. if you don not follow all these beautiy standards people will accuse you of being gay.

Pisi Kedi says:

One day, people with no plastic surgery will get bullied. Luckily, not in my lifetime.

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