10 Unique Models Revolutionizing The Fashion World

Gorgeous models challenging the beauty norms from the fashion industry.
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The fashion industry is pretty stuck in its ways. It fetishizes youth, prefers a lighter skin tone, and its sample sizes often mirror that of a small child. But as time and people progress, we are seeing changes that are slowly revolutionizing the fashion realm. The industry still has a long way to go, but the introduction and embracing of diverse models that don’t fit traditional beauty molds is a step in the right direction. Take Winnie Harlow and Diandra Forrest for example; they both have skin pigmentation conditions, which until late have not been marketed as “normal”, let alone beautiful. And models like Erika Linder are using their androgynous aesthetic to pose as both male and female.

When it comes to body diversification, models such as Ashley Graham are taking a stance and fighting for the word “plus-size” to be erased from industry vocab. A model is a model, and that’s just how it should be. And while the industry still favours youth, at the age of 93, Iris Apfel was cast in Kate Spade’s Spring 2015 campaign, proving that age is really just a number. There’s always been talk of a reform in the modeling industry and with the influx of varying body sizes, skin colours, abilities and gender roles, it’s finally starting to seem like these faces and bodies will one day be the norm rather than the exception.

Some seriously gorgeous people are upping the ante and starting to change the game. In today’s video we take a look at 10 unique models who are revolutionizing the fashion industry.

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Winnie Harlow
Lea T
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Madeline Stuart
Diandra Forrest
Erika Linder
Shaun Ross
Iris Apfel
Ashley Graham

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Megan moomoo says:

my family friend went to fashion week in new York because he’s friends with Jillian

Mike Hawk says:

I remember when models used to be beautiful.

Angela Oliver says:

I also have vitiligo! This is awesome! And this was posted on my birthday? Even better!

Candice xx says:

Is it just me or does anyone else want to look very unique now? I’m as boring as can be

KittyCatGabby Boncalon says:

Omg when I saw the views it was 666k

Blaque Foxxx says:

Harlow looks like a cow

JJ says:

Winnie Harlow is goals AF

An Le says:

Hey bullies! I’m a model!

Ariel Browne says:


Ellaz Broadcast says:

they’re all beautiful. and so is everyone else. embrace what you think are your ‘flaws’ and not only will it do you good, but it will encourage others. whenever your feeling low, Remember no matter how you look people will find something to be nasty about. you are strong and beautiful.


where is miss fame

KaseyCanes 123 says:

all these people are very beautiful in my opinion

neonlight says:

not sure why the fat girl is included. all others had something to overcome, all she did was eat too much.

Hugh Jazz says:

Makes a video about how fat shaming is wrong, picks 10 models revolutionising the fashion world and only one of them is not skinny but moderately overweight. Well played.

Foxy Potter says:

These models are not unique they are beautiful and just because they have a disorder or don’t look like a person that would normally be on cover girl doesn’t make them “odd” or “unique ” they are all beautiful. These girls are only judged of their differences but, isn’t modeling about how everyone is beautiful even in their different sizes, skin tones, and age? Now don’t tell me a single one of these girls are “unique” or “odd looking”

Ananna Talukder says:

amazing 🙂

Blue Sargent says:

The last lady looks like Sofia vergara or miss Colombia from miss universe 2015

haii itz meh says:

Winnie Harlow is my favorite model

drakochief4 4 says:

winnie is so sexy

ValJean 24601 says:

Winnie harlow and me have the same condition ive gotnit not as bad tho ao much proud of her

down 4 whateva says:


Vagitus Lemniscate says:

wasn’t Ross in Katy Perri’s E.T. song

Sleepy Hollow says:

The decadent throes of a civilisation dying from terminal feminism.

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