10 Things The Modeling Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

10 Things the model and fashion industry doesn’t want you to know.
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What could be more glamorous than the life of a jet-setting model? From getting to wear luxurious fashions to travelling the world, it seems like the perfect life. But, there is much more to being a model than many would have it seem. There are dark secrets in the modeling industry, and anyone considering modeling as a career choice should take the time to do their research. From exploiting underage children, to pretty dangerous working conditions, these are 10 things you didn’t know about the modeling industry.

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eVa Model says:


Michaela Connor says:

Models of all sizes needed to start my portfolio. Just try my low cost product for 90 days. More info? Just message me!

Britt says:

tbh i want to be a model so bad but its so evil and i hate people checkin on my weight everyday. I liike posing , fashion, runway and shit but nah man

MoonstoneOcean says:

One cool modeling fact : Not all models are skinny! You can find almost all body types in the industry! And an added bonus, sometimes it’s not about your body type!! For example, if you have a curvaceous body, you can be a + Size Model. If you have a good face and great personality, you can be a print model. If you have an apple shaped body you can be an underwear model. The list goes on and on!

Roody Tabooty says:

model name in 2:25 ?

WhenLifeGivesYouInternet says:

Why are there models, lgbtqia+ models, plus size models?? Why can’t they all just be called models?

ann Britain says:

bet the more famous models who say they been bullied are the ones doing the bullying now

jimin's snickers in springday mv says:

ellite cant relate

c.j.r.x impala67 says:

guys, guys, just go to uni, get a degree, become something set, please

Saysha Ramkissoon says:


Black Swan says:

I still want to be a model haha

Ashley Garnett says:

loosing too much weight too fast will cause strokes if you honestly want to loose weight do so in a healthy 1,500 calorie a day and exercise way

Mark Rhobe says:

it’s too cold for the girls is like animal cruelty

Gilda Marlowe says:

Stop the bulls–t.

kiert namanas says:


KittyCutey12 says:

Nah, I’m still gonna pursue my dream. I’ve been wanting it since I was a kid, before those model get a lot of attention and fans. It’s just I already know what’s the worse thing that could happen and I’m ready for it.

iszzy14 S says:

ahhhh!!!!! it is a dinosure! {The thumb nail} XD

Jenn Card says:

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Lucia Liang says:


myaesthetictoughts says:

am i blind or did i just SAW MY QUEEN CL?!

M M says:

Caucasians are the main demographic in the west so cinema/modelling whatever is going to reflect that and that’s ok. Just like in Japan, the demographic is mostly Japanese so their art/media will reflect that. It’s not a racist thing, just a numbers thing.

Amanda Stevens says:

I think that it’s great models are becoming more diverse, but I also think that it should be the law they models have to be within a healthy BMI.


the thumbnail.. that gives me the chills.. oml

자스민킴 says:


in love with love says:

1:20 es Caso cerado

Alexa Siragusa says:

never knew about Kate May’s injury. that is AWFUL!
intact, I have had plenty of my one brain damages…

Amanda Cantu says:

3:58 Claire boucher/grimes

Cheyenne Williams says:

Being a model has never been my dream because I know I’m ugly

nakamoto prince says:

omg cl 0.0

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