10 Shocking Photos of Supermodels Without Makeup

Makeup free supermodels and beauty queens shown in unretouched photos and selfies.
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As you stand in the line at the grocery store waiting for the coupon queen in front of you to get twenty cents off her extra absorbent paper towels, you gaze at the gallery of fashion and fitness magazines to keep you from thinking about that bar of chocolate just out of reach. Flipping through the pages, you happen upon gorgeous women posing and advertising various apparel, perfume and jewelry. They seem almost like untouchable goddesses, who have been graced with genetics all women can be envious of. But like all careers, there has to be a time when the camera stops flashing and they can go home to be themselves, right? A time where they rid themselves of the makeup and breakout their comfy sweatpants to relax.

We hold these beautiful supermodels that walk the runway and look fierce in the pages of magazines to such high regard that sometimes we forget they are just as human as we are. They spend hours in the chairs of makeup artists and hairstylists to complete the vision of creators because after all, it is their job to be beautiful living billboards. Do they look any different when stripped of all the makeup and fancy clothes?

This video will take a shine a different light on some of the most famous and gorgeous women from around the world. What do they really look like without makeup? Are they naturally beautiful or does the camouflage of makeup work wonders? Find out now!

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Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
Paulina Vega
Karlie Kloss
Kate Moss
Cara Delevingne
Gisele Bundchen
Candice Swanepoel
Tyra Banks
Rosie Huntington
Kendall Jenner

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pomegranateorange says:

ha thank you for telling that supermodels look awesome even without make up. it made my life awesome.

Jimmy S. says:

They all look very ordinary

jaevladritutb says:

Women can be beautiful. “Imagine my shock”

Tess Lagman says:

Cara is very very ugly

Lindsay Branscombe says:

Literally there were maybe TWO photos in this compilation that actually had no makeup! Most of them were “nude” makeup looks! They all had some form of foundation, concealer, mascara, and pigment on their faces.

Ladies who look at this can think “OMG THEY’RE STILL FLAWLESS”, don’t be fooled – that was STILL not a makeupless look.

Mark Verdad says:

Paulina Vega looks like a teenager when she has no makeup

Jocelyn Kuiper says:

They’re supermodels because they’re beautiful with and without makeup

CuteMissy Elena says:

Well obviously the freckles aren’t real

MolecularMoonlight says:

They are still wearing make-up. Its called “natural make-up effect.” I see eyeliner on the second one. This is bullshit.

Valium Freak says:

Yeah right, “shocking” stuff

Mark Morris says:

Sex with Cara Delevingne would be glorious

Im Slowly Learning MMD says:

You’re making it out as if they’re ugly .-.

GirlyVenus2011 says:

if you have great eyebrows,lashes,full lips, and cheekbones you will not need makeup.

Marlene Oliveira says:

honestly dont see the big deal about gisselle….regular white girl to me. shes “brazilian” but not really shes actually german just born in brazil. her last name is german. the real beauty is adriana lima real brazilian! much love.

Angel heaven says:

women are perfect with no make up

Rania issa says:

It’s funny when you say kardashian’s natural beauty… never new that plastic surgery and expensive facials are considered natural

marcia gomes says:

Kate Moss,Cara Gisele,são feias com e sem maquiagem.

Privatserver WoW says:

They are all ugly and many of them look evil.

Cocos Kirsche says:

where are the shocking photos?!

Dancing Dynamite says:

Im sexy

Hera Thaci says:

Kendall Jenner still had makeup in that “freckle” selfie

Claire Burnley says:

they look better without makeup

Michael Lewinsky says:

Gorgeous my ass. They all look like shit without makeup.

Angel heaven says:

everyone doesnot need to wear make up its poisonous for your skin anyway and is being fake

Fred Flagstone says:

Paulina Vega looked good. The rest looked average at best. And despite the narrators ridiculous attempt to pass off all these women as beautiful without makeup, who is she kidding? Kate Moss looks like an old burned out hag.

Caitlyn Carmona says:

No doubt they’re beautiful but ”flawless skin tone”? She’s white like everybody else wot?

Maya Stephen says:

youre a fucken retard

No Name says:

All women are ugly as shit without makeup, in these pictures without make up you can still see they have makeup on..ew

Jimmy Roble Jr says:


KjL says:

Never trust a woman! If she wear fake up, that’s your ticket to lie to get whatever YOU want (don’t give her ANYTHING,, just pump & dump). Just look at them, they look absolutely like SHIT… and that (nothing) is ALL they have to offer, just a bacteria infested hole, nothing more.

Mary Kali says:

they look wholesome, Not shocking

ThePieGuyHero Lee says:

I didn’t realise some of them didn’t have makeup on.

Dustyluckyblond says:

some of these ladies look good with or Without Make up in Hollywood Make up Artist does wonders for these Models and Actress

Abha .Garg says:

Gigi is missing. She must be flawless without makeup too!

ricky trump says:

so of them are blokes

Jossie Castro says:

Wow so shocking I’m having nightmares, these women have the luck of not needing makeup to look naturally pretty

Anna K says:

klassic klickbait.. also Karlie Kloss is stunning with or without makeup! 🙂

Dustyluckyblond says:

some of these Make up Artist turn Any Actor or any Actress into something Magical with Make up if you guys ever Watched the Adam Family movie Make Changed Anjelica Huston alot and I’m not saying she is ugly but its truly Amazing how they turn her in Goth Chick

Mark Verdad says:

Pia still looks beautiful and flawless even without makeup

Mindrolling says:

Most of these ‘make up free’ models have make up ON: foundation at the very least.
The last one of one of the Jenners, she OBVIOUSLY had heavy eye make up and fake freckles on.

Anne Stockton says:

If your intention is to show teen girls ( normal girls ) that they are naturally beautiful without makeup, you have completely missed the mark. Each model/ celeb here has a as you state “beautiful perfect skin and features ” Why not show real people or actors who are not “perfect” ?

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