10 Secrets The Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

10 Things cosmetic companies are trying to hide from you. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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The cosmetics and personal care industry has plenty of shocking secrets, and we’re here to share 10 things cosmetic companies don’t want you to know. From the lack of regulation in the U.S. compared to other countries, to the misleading use of certain words and phrases, there are lots of scary things about cosmetics that will open your eyes to little-known facts about cosmetics products. You’ll never look at a list of ingredients in the same way again.

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CupcakeSnake _ says:

Was that vanoss at the beginning???

Lizzie Elliott says:

This video was boring I watch this channel for interesting information not boring science stuff

psicy says:

the thumbnail looks like something out of a porno

Veronica Rudnicki says:

Makeup with rat shit is fine but fucking kinder eggs can’t be allowed here.

Spectre says:

Not even sure why I watched this…I don’t use cosmetics since I’m allergic to most of them.

Puddin_ says:

They aren’t tested and less ingredients are banned because here in America we have low standards for almost everything. I mean seriously our food, our makeup, our schools, everything pretty much.

QueenofSilence101 says:

Coming from what little I’ve read online, cosmetics from Europe are safer than the ones sold here in the US. Which, if that statement holds true, is not surprising at all.

Cynthia says:

I’m using alot of Bath and Body Works products, …I’m full of shit now haha 🙁

Melana Chevannes says:

Most of my cosmetics and moisturizers have fragrance in the ingredients

Suzann neilan says:

99% of you will not see this comment

ohevshalomel says:

Don’t be bamboozled by calls for greater regulation. Some of the largest cosmetics companies support the push for greater U.S. regulation. Why? They do it for two reasons:

1. The costs of implementation and maintenance will be much more burdensome to medium-sized and small beauty companies, including your local soaper. This will effectively squash the competition for the bigger companies, which means that even some smaller companies that are providing higher-quality, safer cosmetics to begin with will be driven out of business.

2. The cost for huge U.S. cosmetics companies to comply with regulations in Europe, etc., is of course much greater than that of complying with U.S. regulations. If they can get additional regulation passed in the U.S., they will effectively pass the cost of export onto the U.S. taxpayer. So even if you never buy a single product from them, you’d still be forced to foot their bill.

You won’t get responsible cosmetics companies out of greater regulation. That only comes from holding individual cosmetic manufacturers’ feet to the fire. By supporting greater regulation, you’ll only be getting subsidy and monopoly.

Non-existent Mist says:


Amanda Brookman says:


alicia mann says:

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I suggest you to move your a before the stock ends!

Dalton Branham says:

omg that is awesome who’s with me coment p.s. i play vlogers go viral

Hiysa Kug says:

Why Am I Watching This? I Hardly Use Cosmetics…

Yayzana dayan says:

It’s a lie, if the us only banned 12 then things like cyandide would have to be banned as well as all the killing/blinding drugs out there it would be way for than 12 buzzfeed already said this and it’s false 🙂

Katiana Fonsi says:

talking about Desio lense contact color? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

janablang says:

I know lots of products are largely tested on Guinea pigs. I have seven of them and I can’t imagine doing anything to harm these sweet babies. I have such a strong bond with them.

purrtea says:


Lacemaker427, OH says:

The headless “talking head” doing the voice-over for this video pronounced “non-comedogenic” incorrectly. The proper pronounciation is:
non-calm-ee’-doh-gen’-ik < NOT > non-calm’-oh-gen’-ik
She dropped a syllable. If your job is nothing but talking, you really ought to get it right!

Johnny Hilon says:

i am happy that i live in germany now

Kuens Eden says:

i wanted to know about the picture in the thumbnail

Helena Dzomba says:

0:40 did anyone else notice Holly from dance moms

chocolate chip says:

loved the video!

valerie whitney says:

There was this one time me and my sister used this sunscreen we bought that was spf 50 and it made our faces burn, even after I got out of the shower my face still stung and it eventually stopped after about an hour, but it stung so badly we had to leave the pool because it hurt so bad and the chemicals in the pool didn’t help the situation either.

Blake Carter says:


Jk Jess says:

america is so shitty yet they swear up and down they’re the best LMAO that’s that BS white supremacy brainwashing tactic. they done Care about their citizens. no wonder it’s havoc over there

Roxana Maghiar says:

dream high!!

Saranghae Kpop says:

Jesus TheTalko really likes their Kpop Gifs, don’t they? XD

NERF KID says:

With being aware of the word fragrance, that’s why I only use the soap brands Old Spice and Axe

Anisha Kehri says:

0:38 Holly from Dance Moms

Twenty Øne Phan Crybabies At My Chemical Discø says:

1:03 anyone else notice it says ‘that’ instead of ‘than’ in the captions?

Clara's Channel says:

I’m Canadian so my makeup is safer!

NGworld says:

Like we didn’t know so guys 🙁 We just can’t live without it right!

amysocool7 says:

anybody noticed iu at 0:02 ? i forgot the drama tho hehe

Olivia Matthews says:

heey Talko!

Rikako Sakuraba says:

when they talk about EWG I am not surprised because I knew they will talk about it. Anyways I check for the ingredients online before buying it from stores if the rating is above 2 I won’t wanna get allergies. I totally give up on make up

sessy beast says:

sorry but…….but I saw loki and I SHIT Myself.

aubree utt says:

She sounds a little like selena gomez

Annette Garcia says:

Forgot that big cosmetics companies test on animals Cover Girl is one of them

lica craft says:

nice.so we actually do physiology on our self thinking things actually work. GREAT VIDEO PLEASE SEND ME ALLLLL MOREEEEEEEEEEE

Reagan D says:

I already knew all of this

Izet de Wit says:


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