10 Plus Size Women Who Became Famous Models

10 beautiful plus size models in the fashion industry. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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There are a bunch of plus-size models and entertainers in the industry who are completely crushing the status quo, and many of these plus-size beauties have managed to become household names. Their careers have skyrocketed, and society’s new views on beauty have helped these curvy entertainers become more celebrated than ever.

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Sarah Dagrella says:

Tess Holiday isn’t “overweight” she is obese and extremely unhealthy. No hate on her, and please don’t say it’s hard to lose weight or anything along those lines. I would much rather see her be healthy. The other models just don’t fit Americas beauty standards, but Tess isn’t close to healthy. Again no offense to her

Shot in the Heart says:

Tess Holiday is really obese. That is not beautiful nor healthy. The other girls look fine, but obesity, as well as anorexia should not be promoted

neci596 says:

I like how everyone in the comments think they are doctors. I’ve been overweight all of my life and I’ve never had a doctor tell me that I’m ugly or that I need to be thin to be healthy.

Blank ink says:

where’s the bbw/ssbbw’s all i see r skinny women

brendon urine's biggest fan girl says:

omg there was a Mcdonald’s commercial before this.. lol

Dorian Graye says:

Tess Holiday is disgusting and needs to get help!! Immediately!!!

Aurora says:

They are still models plus size or not. They have to do sports and eat healthy just because they are not skinny doesn’t mean that they don’t do it. I’m chubby too but I don’t eat fast food or candy every day. Every body is different like it or not you have to deal with it. Maybe she or he gains weight fast and has a hard time to loose it. Focus on your own body and judging people doesn’t make things better.

Danny Latin Boy says:

Welcome to America where it’s ok to bash on skinny women and when you see women who are clearly obese like Tess we praise them. Remember being average or slim looks healthier than anything else . I’m not being mean but it’s the truth.

Liza Saakadze says:

That plus size ?! God I am gigantic

Lily Mat says:

The only plus size girl is Tess Holliday. The rest of them are gorgeous.

Hiba Aitouhanni says:

where is iskra lawrence -_-

AnnaZ says:

Some of these models aren’t even plus size…. WTF! Robyn is not plus sized at all even Candice, I’m so disappointed….

Baltic Tiger says:

wasnt tess holliday on buzzfeed on one video where people tried clothes?

Lacy Wagner says:

it not about being skinny or fat but being healthy both can be bad if are body is not healthy . skinny people if thay are by naturally skinny is ok but starving yourself is bad it go’s the same way the other way being to big is not healthy . so at the end it more about are u healthy and not on looks the thing is are way of life says it about are looks. we are all beautiful .

Yamilet Oiren says:

I weigh 230 I’m 17 years old. I have been fat all my life. Bullying didn’t help either. But me being fat doesn’t define if I’m beautiful or not. Every one has opinions and that’s ok whether negative or positive. If you love YOURSELF than good for you.

happie hippie says:

i am in no means considered to be “thin”, but i think we need to establish a line between being “plus size” and then just being morbidly obese. yes, beauty DOES come in all shapes and sizes, but being healthy is very important. and no, i’m not saying just because they’re plus sized doesn’t mean they are unhealthy. like i said, there is a fine line between being plus sized and then just being morbidly obese.

Jordan Bay says:

it’s sad that people have to learn to love their bodies 🙁 i wish people would love themselves no matter what, but stride to be healthy for their own well-being.

americai sayhi says:

WHAT ABOUT WHITNEY THOMPSON????? my mom baby sat her!

Someone Special says:

10 Americans Who Became Famous Models

Anja Koller says:

I think it’s great to love and care for all body types, every person is beautiful. In all honesty there is a limit, though. We should also consider the health risks that go hand in hand with obesity. With supporting overweight people (and I am talking about obesity)- we should also keep focus on health issues. But I do love the changing diversity in our beauty world.

Hannah Walker says:

Wait? They look average

Andrea López says:

Jenna Craig ok ur like me as long u do things like you said ur good

Ohemgeeits Marlen says:


Brooklyn Noduh says:

Ooooo I can be a plus size model! So… can… everyone… else…
Well, shit, now everyone is a model.

Evan Osiowy says:

I prefer skinny girls. Is that a crime or a preference? I’m confused.

Hinami Yumi says:

All of these women are beautiful, no matter what mindset they have. Most of them are curvy/plus-sized but let’s just be honest here; Tess Holiday is morbidly obese, not plus-sized or curvy, MORBIDLY obese.

Zoreya says:

Ashley Graham is my baby zaddy

MamaMiaJia says:

All these women are beautiful no matter what

Carla potato says:

0:50 Fui la única que pensó en la hermana de Folagor03?… Si?… Ok… ;-;

Tony says:

Some of the women listed here are a bad body image for young women. They may have a great story does not mean they are promoting a healthy disposition. This issues is still rooted in money…these companies are seeing a mean to increase their profit margin since America has gone on another extreme position. Its amazing how much the media has control over American minds. Make-up is another shackle for women by women on women.

biki jarka says:

wait wait how can it be to be plus size model without cellulite?

Emily Henderson says:

How is this even plus size, why even have plus size. Anyone should be able to be a model because everyone has their own beautiful

Syd The hen says:

they are plus-sized they’re normal all these other models are extremely anorexic Society just needs to learn that all body types are beautiful.

QueenOfHearts says:

Tess Holiday has a very beautiful face but her body is very very unhealthy

Kelli Z says:

Ok. So why tf are they saying size 12 is plus size? That’s not plus size in ANY way!

Mia Nielsen says:

My dream is to become a model

Oriana Bats says:

You forgot to mention that Tess Holliday (AKA Tess Munster) started as an alternative model

Robert Polanco says:

WOW! I am impressed with the beautiful plus size models. They are quite sexy.

sunheartz says:

I like plus size models but some of these people are obese not plus size

theartisthasarrived says:

I’m OK with all these models except Tess Holliday because she’s not plus size but Obese :/ she really should worry about her health

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