10 Most Unusual Models In The Fashion Industry

10 most unusual models who go against society’s beauty norms.
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A few years ago, most supermodels looked exactly the same: Tall, beautiful and physically flaw-less. But these days, photographers and modeling agencies actually prefer models who go against the grain with their unique features and unconventional beauty. Here are a few unusual models who are changing the fashion industry.

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Smol Trash says:

Nice tats

Mark Hammill says:

Laura O’Fugly

Kaiyah B says:

Why did I think zombie boy was cute af

rashad5010 says:

Ayeee, Shawn is on the list!!!

Gazza 4 says:

Wow awesome.

Joy Dhole says:

Alex!!!!! Love a good man covered in delicous tattoos! Fit tattooed men are a weakness!

Kitty Kat says:

the last one

Hot Sauce In Meh Beg Sweg says:

2nd dislike lol

Teodora Kaarsgaard says:

daaaamn, I was like “why doesn’t it have more likes??!”, but then I saw that it’snot so long since it got posted

Erick726 says:

In my day “gender reassignment” was called a sex change.

Mayak says:

Molly is our Alien overlord! <3 not to tease but if she is an Alien, than she is a very gorgeous one and is more than welcome to take over the world if she so pleases to! 😀

Everythingdevil says:

Andreja Pejic should be on this list, she’s gorgeous androgynous model

HAI ITZ KAT :3 says:

30th comment

dumb fuck says:

just eww

Strawberry Sheeran says:

I where Calvin Kline……..

Sophie Coronado says:

Yass I’m actually early

MacKenzie Larose says:


Colleen Pedder says:

none inspired me sorry. they are still stick thin. show me some fatties like me then we’ll talk inspiration

Amanda Cardoza says:


Poolar Bear says:

Oh wait what I’m early?!

Haha no one cares.

Serena's life says:

There not unusual there unqie

ag crystals says:

i dont think that girl that looks like a alien or the white haired dude or the cross eyed lady should be models they are super ugly

M A X V A I L says:

Being transgender isn’t unusual.

RJOM 15 says:

I think willie harlow is beautiful

miguel castro says:

I’m mad people make fauna people because it is not funny or cool and be you .oh my name is jahnai sanchez

McOrpree says:

Rick Genest was also feutured in Suicide Squad, or nah?

Amalia Zamora says:

my nickname is Molly

Apple Gul says:

These people are amazing and beautiful

Jack Sprat says:

“MOFFY IS CROSS EYED”. My lunch just came flying out of my mouth.

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