10 Most Beautiful Kids In The World Controversy

Shocking cases of young beauty pageant contestants and child models who wanted to grow up too fast. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Childhood should be about having fun with your friends, playing games, and dressing and acting like a kid. But many child stars are pushed into the limelight at a very early age, and many people believe the industry exploits them. There are new labor laws in place to protect children, but if their parents sign off on these exploitative projects, there really isn’t much that can be done. Public outcry ensues, but that doesn’t stop the industry from dressing up these child stars to appear much older than they are, and taking advantage of them by placing them in inappropriate films and ad campaigns.

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Tracie Jensen says:

There are SO many people in the world that are a lot prettier than the kids on the video. It’s just that they got more public to the world. I’m not saying the children in this video are not attractive or pretty. I’m pretty but look at that, I’m not on that video because I didn’t feel like going public. I’m not in any magazines or anything like that but I still like what I see in the mirror.

Lisa Evro says:

every one is beautiful!

Anna Baby says:

I’m Look Like Kristina, only much older

Sabrina Shahab says:

I  understand  why  Kids  should not be  over exposed  or  sexualized .  But this is also true for  women – women are naturally  beautiful   and have many  functions  in the world  – being beautiful is just one  of  them .   Sexualizing  women  has a Trump like  affect  and is  desirable either for women or  men

Kathryn Habkouk says:

All the makeup just makes them look werd

petra hanna says:

I think you missed one that’s ME

Drawing 1o1 says:

I saw a clip from my favorite TV show as I was watching it

Sean Wilhelm says:


matthew robinson says:

willow Brown

Marilyn Monroe says:

Why can’t Kim Kardashian be a normal millionar woman!?
Can’t she use a dog!?
That’s the Chihuahua’s job!!! :v

Nooo man…

i PewDiePie says:

The title should be “real life dolls.”

Angela Parker says:

The only beautiful kids are why kids I’m so sick of you people

Ling de la Vega says:

pleas give a like

Ling de la Vega says:

im also pretty

Taimane Su'a says:

To be honest I think we’re all beautiful, we just have different types of beauty!

Sean Wilhelm says:

What about Piper rockelle?

Márcia Cabral says:


Chloe Gibbons says:

its like your saying all the other kids are ugly they all look normal to me

qamer hannan says:

i feel so…REJECTED! we should ALL be on there!

Sean Wilhelm says:


Joe Smith says:

I was a better looking kid than any of these children. They’re not that great.

SeliGIRL x says:

everyone is beautiful X

secret garden says:

:-/ am?

Emma McCann says:

Why am I not on this???

Gabriella L says:

Umm…little Russian girl looks like female version of my grandpa when he was young. He was a handsome man….Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

ibtisam maghroud says:

they are beautiful when they were a kid but when they grow up they look like a pedofille

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