10 Instagram Models BEFORE Plastic Surgery

Look at these Instagram famous girls before all the plastic. Do you recognize them? Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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Many girls have been able to turn Instagram from a platform to share pictures into a source of income. These beautiful women have been made popular due to their good looks, and advertisers can’t wait to hire them to promote their products. They’re more commonly referred to as IG models, and many of them have millions of followers who drool over each and every photo they post to the site.

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pun na says:

this sends me to a different world

2LTool_Creations says:

If you only recognise James Dean… you know you watched to much porn. 5:55 is it just me?

Trolling Troll says:

I wish I could get plastic surgery

miss. quarius says:

Me too

AnimeGNR1996 says:

All of them looked more beautiful in my opinion before getting surgery. They looked unique but now they basically look the same.

Mermaid 00 says:

Their faces look weird

cherryblossomchild1 says:

Fake faces make me sad

Lala Is My Alter Ego says:

Too much damn work. I love beer, pizza, and boxers way too much, lmao. If that is what makes them happy, then I guess. But at the end of the day, it’s all about impressing the person staring back at you in the mirror and I’m happy with that person, even without surgery.

Griselda Guerrero says:

Koreans are also known for their extreme surgeries like jaw reduction, eyelid surgeries, nose jobs, skin bleaching. I’m not against surgery if it’s required to enhance your beauty or a septo Rhynoplasty to breath better, but there is a limit. I hate how these celebrities and the media over do it and now many dumb insecure girls run to get their extra huge ass BBL like Kim, ballon lips like Kylie, and Michael Jackson nose.

Jessica DaCosta says:

Am not ugly just poor

- ̗̀ Avrielle ̖́- says:

As a Russian girl, I know the pressures we feel the look beautiful. So many girls in this video were Russian :/
In Russia for every 100 women there is about 80 men. It’s the lowest ratio of men to women in the world. Women who are over 25 and don’t have a husband are looked down upon, so there is definitely pressure on women to find a husband. That’s why there’s a lot of Russian mail order brides

It’s really sad, I grew up and saw how my aunt and Grandma spent so much money on their appearance to look prettier. Russian women really depend on their looks when it comes to finding a husband. I grew up with the same mentality, and am trying hard to let it go.
I personally live in Canada, but I still understand why Russian girls have so much work done sometimes

agnès Berger says:

I really can not wait to see those girls in 30-40 years…

Florencia Cuius says:

I feel disgusted by the way you talk about converting money into beauty. All of this is fake!

Almondcloud AJ says:

These women are no longer individuals. If you put them side by side, they would all look exactly the same, completely symmetrical, with alien-like, uneasy perfection. The big fish lips, the tiny, plastic noses, the unnaturally prominent cheekbones….all of this makes the women look ‘beautiful’ in a way that a Barbie doll is beautiful, everything moulded to suit the ideal image of perfection and how a woman should look to be attractive. These women are setting unnatural standards, because no face can be born to look like that. Ever. The way they pose is disgusting, inappropriate, showing children who are internet surfing images they should not see. I know a little girl, around 7 years of age, maybe around 6, who once told me “I saw this photo of a woman yesterday, and she was all naked and in a swimming suit showing all her skin”. It may not sound as bad in writing, but believe me, the photo she described in full detail should not have been looked at by a 7 year old.
I think that beauty is being able to flaunt your natural features with pride, and not covering them up by undergoing surgery. These women, are, for some people, gorgeous, perfect, flaunting their crafted beauty to attract men and attention, and make other women jealous. For me, personally, this is not what I call beautiful- because they don’t believe in themselves. Perfection does not exist, in anybody, and we have to accept ourselves. Because we are all beautiful in our own way.

Marina Tapia says:

my name is marina but my last name is tapia

George Em says:

Horse hair, acrylic nails, fish lip injections, false lashes, drawn-on eyebrows, falling off Michael Jackson nose, canvas face paint, balloon tits, donkey booty, Ethiopian-flat stomach, fake personality….what’s real?

sure nuf says:

yuk! this is neurotic –these ladies were so much cuter B4 surgery

Roohi Shahzada says:

It means that only lots of money is beauty these days 🙁 unfortunately

Eilidh HUGHES says:

The second girl was much prettier before

NEA Wright says:

I make videos too.
search Nea Wright

devaughn Francis says:

Well that will look so cool if my skin will I mean plastic surgery I will love to join and then I would love to get my skin color white and then I would like to go to Japan

Amyra Beckett says:

this is sad !!!! what’s wrong with being beautiful naturally ? it’s one thing to wear makeup but to do all of this ?

Chloe Flores says:

Then I’m not not ugly, I’m just poor.

Samantha Smith says:

Here I thought they are naturally born super hot, thinking they use photoshop… This people made me feel like an ugly woman. Damn I’m hot naturally then… No wonder most females can’t get a husband because they looking for plastic chicks… What will they kids look like lol damn ugly for sure. Why do we give these people our attention and making them because millionaires with our time.

Christina Clabough says:

wow I need the doctors that worked on some of these girls they look amazing and the last one was def. the most drastic

Fireball Kitty says:

Fake isn’t pretty

Christian James Barimbao says:

Can you do a male version?

Daydream Henna says:

We will forever be known as the most narcissistic generation! I don’t want to be a part of it. I am booking my ticket to the year 3017. #byeplanetearth

Fireball Kitty says:

Plastic surgery is for frauds.

xninix3 says:

OH ffs! Can u stop filling your Lips until they look like as if you are constantly doing the duckface please?! Stay freaking natural!

Israel Did 9/11 says:

exposing the thots

Raquel Vandenbout says:

There’s a really great documentary called embrace and it brings out how a lot of these women are unrealistic and sometimes edited even further on photoshop.

GIRLjosephine says:

they all look the same

Amanda says:

There kids wouldn’t look anything like them… Your genetics won’t change, sorry ladies!

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