10 Hot Instagram Stars Before Plastic Surgery

Instagram models made famous by their millions of followers!
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Do you ever come across an Instagram feed you can’t help but stalk over and over? You know, the ones with the women that seem to have it all – a gorgeous face, a perfect body, amazing workout selfies, luxurious backdrops from worldwide vacations, and usually some arm candy in the form of a tall, handsome man. These social media babes have Instagram down pat, and have accumulated followers in the hundreds of thousands, and even millions, due to their beautiful photos and jaw-dropping looks. But the truth is, these looks didn’t come naturally. Many of them have had plastic surgery procedures including nose jobs, boob jobs, cheek implants, lip enhancements and more. So, if their feeds ever make you feel jealous, just remember that things aren’t always what they seem.

We’re not promoting plastic surgery by any means. If these women are happy with their transformations, then we’re happy for them. They seem to love how they look and live, and their followers agree. Take Alexandra Markina for example. Her thin figure, perfect face and addicting feed has grown her Instagram following to 1 million, and you would hardly recognize it was the same person from her pre-Insta days. And Katya Jujanew went from party girl to sophisticated with her feed that now boasts 631,000 fans.

Millions of followers can’t be wrong. Today, we look at 10 hot Instagram stars before and after plastic surgery.

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Alena Shishkova
Marina Mayer
Svetlana Biyalova
Alexandra Repnitskaya
Anna Andres
Nita Kuzmina
Katya Jujanew
Anyuta Rai
Olesya Malinskaya
Dasha Kononovich

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Theresa says:

just seemed to glorify plastic surgery a little bit too much for me

Don Diego Pelluchi says:

Fake Girls, wanting real Men….Yeah right.

Nino Lennon says:

most of them are russian girls o.O

Timi Nguyen says:

The talko just got hacked….

Summer A says:

Wow they look so perfecctttt

Delmis Cruz says:

I wonder what do they find so facinating in all vanity. I don’t understand Lord Jesus help us.

lots nn says:

no offense but boobs are not so important and I hate plastic surgery .

elf funtube 469 says:

So pretty much they got famous for having plastic surgery because they didn’t find themselves pretty before. It’s pretty much saying If you wanna become Insta famous get plastic surgery because you didn’t look pretty before. not good

courtney woodward says:

And ill never understand why everyone looks like this online … why everyone strives for this fake ass shit . Legit cant have Instagram because how much fake shit is shoved in your face 24 7

Gil Reed says:

plastic womans hahahahahaha

TheRuthie5 says:

Avoid lip fillers and the cost of them for sure here: https://liptiful.myshopify.com

Soso Sasso says:

God i need money

Alice Pointg says:

Why don’t those Instagram “super stars” ever show the old gross dudes who are f*cks them & paying for them.. That’s the reality of “luxury” life style. Just to be a sex doll without love until u get older and will be thrown out without any regret…

Олег Савинов says:

Ha, all from Russia and 1 from Ukraine. Where is all other world? No beautiful girls? Im so happy i was born there

Aliona Mikheeva says:

Russian girls not the only ones getting surgeries…dumb

Sarah Mansour says:

and thats why i dont have instgram and never well just keeping it reall this beauty trend are going to fade away

Faizah ZAMAN says:

Most of these girls are Russian or Slavic

Elsa says:

Fur hags

StayChicWithSarah N says:

They kinda look the same. Girls, you don’t need plastic surgery to be beautiful. You can be beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside.

Nia YT says:

Are thesee Hacks? x) lol

baby Starg says:

ughh sugar daddies money and beauty fucking goals.

melissa_ whoCares says:

The sad thing is that lots of girls think they are just objects and that they just have to be hot and pretty to be liked or loved and thats it.. very sad. Some depend on attention and compliments all day so they work a lot to look like this. And i guess when they get older they will have a hard time to learn that attractivity is not forever and not everything they need.. instagram actually is pure shit. Girls only compare their bodies and guys look at hot pics while they actually have a gf.. This society is sick..very sick

baby Starg says:

this makes me feel so much better about myself

Verónica Darrel says:

Maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t cares for what they look?
I don’t base my esteem on what people do or don’t do to their bodies.
Don’t need to bash or aprove them…they’ll keep doing it no matter what I say or think, so…

DoriokiGirl says:

all look like porn stars sorry

Susannah Stout says:

This is so sad. They went from being beautiful because they were unique, to all looking the same. I’ll keep my imperfect quirks, and age with grace, thanks all the same.

Denis Cimbrov says:

those girls were already pretty before surgery. to call them fake it’s maybe too much Idno

Baked Beans says:

Basically escorts

DaT GrILL says:

i always wonder where do they get all the money for the surgery…..

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