10 Famous Child Models ALL GROWN UP

Where are they now? Check out the world’s most popular and beautiful child models today!
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EveMarie Rios says:

Taralyn and Thylane looks older

Eu Nae says:

4:04 that symbol is for lira, not for euros.

asdf says:

Did she really pronounce “St. Tropez” as “Saint Tro-pezz” and “L’enfant” as “Lay Enfant”??

Amy van der Westhuizen says:

Abuse Ms sure apologize wonder construct ethics each.

Cris Littrell says:

the pageant circuit is created to suck money out of the parents. Parents think they show love by buying the best cloths, flippers, and hair but what they do is objectify and sexualize their children, giving then a false sense of self. the kids do not enjoy all the spray tans, hair spray, and heavy makeup. Just let them be kids for a while, they will still have plenty of time to be neurotic and cultivate that negative body image that most of us women in America seem to suffer from. Here’s to hoping they don’t cultivate any eating disorders, i would know about those. I starved myself so i know a little about body image issues and putting all our attention on how a girl looks but how a boy thinks…this is an issue that has to change. we need to value girls for all that they are, not just a pretty overly made up face with a giant stiff hairdo and a gaudy outfit.

KC Cohughes says:

Why did these people make this video? I have seen people that are prettier than this.

Selena Velez says:

Kids suppose to be cute and not filled with make up

Learn With Viva says:

all grown up and beautiful

Tatiana Farnsworth says:

She had like four different phrases she’s said a million times in this….

Corbin Randall says:

Beaty pagents are terrible.All of that makeup isn’t good either.We need to take care of our skin and ourselfs!

Eve's Art! says:

bleh. it’s my hair that makes me look like a rotten potato

Louisa Hilger says:

4:06 £ = € OK, alright

fournier veronique says:

vivre dans la superficialité! l apparence!

Lisa Catherine says:

thylane is pronounced ti-lahn. its my daughters name too

Nakoruru The Extra Terrestrial says:

You really don’t know the currency of the UK or difference between £ & €?

D Rami says:

4:03 “she was paid 250 euro’s” thats pounds not euro’s lmao

Olivia Vanpoperynghe says:

Just for information, this “£” does not represent euros. This “€” does.

Kamilah Brown says:

Idk who tootie is but apparently we go to the same college?

Panda Banana says:

It’s pound not euro!!!!!

Alejandra Miranda says:

All of them ugly …sorry, kids must be kids not stupid grown ups un horrible costumes and make Up… abnormal!!!

Daniel Grady says:

ᗰY ᖴᗩᗰIᒪY ᗩᑎᗪ ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᔕ ᔕᗩYᔕ TᕼE ᒪᗩᔕT OᑎE ᒪOOKᔕ ᗩ ᒪOT ᒪIKE ᗰE I ᗪOᑎ’T ᔕEE IT

Brandon Carpenter says:

My face seems to stay the same!

Terri Wilson says:

Too much Talking ugh!

TotallyNotKi says:

How to destroy your self esteem 101

meep city says:

The girl on the thumbnail looks uglier when she she grew older

yadav gautam says:

I don’t care

Zoe Macaroni says:

Pounds aren’t euros

Gillian Wills says:

£ is Pounds, not Euros… Euros is €
The Teletubbies is a British programme, so it’s definitely Pounds…

LittleMiss says:

Christina Pimenova wasn’t even there!

Jasmine Jones says:

Cool they were all white

Robert Crowe says:

Thylane Blondeau has always always been the most beautiful girl in the world and she’s doing exactly what she wants to do with much more ahead of her. Don’t anyone be jealous now.

yadav gautam says:

I mean I don’t care

Nextupella 0902 says:

they keep useing the pound sign for euros

Stardust Angel says:

If that Alana girl has naturally curly hair, I hope she doesn’t continue to straighten it.
It’s a shame so many people straighten their beautiful curly hair.

Emma says:

ya’ll talk way too much in these videos

Grumpy Grilled Cheese says:

Meh, all their farts smell the same

living lifeonpause says:

there was no need to stretch this video out to 12 minutes. i lost interest halfway through cause the pace was so slow.

CrookedPie says:


Mobizen Star the Object thingy says:

Lot of boys


I think you have a better baby than me

Okaymxl says:

if i was a model people would just focus on my eyes :/

Murphy Morrison-Wallace says:

loosing 136kg uhm……i don’t think so

Esmé Vertongen says:

wow how racist can you be? ‘famous child models all grown up’ I’m sorry but I only see white people… and trust me they aren’t even that beautiful.

Rachel H. says:

5:07 ???

Wordless06 says:

I hate how it was reiterated, at odds with the title, that some of these kids were “certainly not all grown up.” Well then what did you make this video for if the content is inaccurate? And how this was allowed to be posted with no one noticing that “Saint Tropezzz” mistake the world may never know. Is there not an editor or anyone to check these before they get pumped out with no care?

fournier veronique says:

beurk quelle vie pour ces enfants! pas d’enfance!

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